Sunday, April 28, 2013

Plants or Weeds & a Sneak Peek

It has been quite a weekend
productive and I love those kinds of days

not that kicking back and relaxing is not good
but you need to mix things up sometimes!

Friday I left work early
and headed to the garden centre
to look for a couple of new pots
and was pleased to see these happy little faces
smiling back of me

these were a score ~ one of the girls at work was selling them
so I scooped them up

not sure if I am going to use them in the kitchen
or the craft room ~ time will tell

speaking of the craft room
I promised a sneak peek of the work

the walls are all painted and the furniture is placed
I spent yesterday unpacking boxes
going through things to donate and finding homes for others

the sconces are from Home Depot
and I was trying to decide between the two shades above

I went with the one on the left and really like the look of them
now that they are up and installed

there are no windows in this room so I wanted to use bright colours
and looked for fabrics that I was drawn to

the blue above will be made into a curtain for the closet area
while the yellow check is an oil cloth for the table

the print I picked up at JoAnn Fabrics last year on a US shopping trip
and was not sure what I was going to use it for 
I just knew I loved it ~ I am going to make a memory board with it

the clock is just a generic one I have had for awhile
and instead of going out and buying a new one
I thought I would give this one a little facelift with buttons

so with my box of vintage buttons
I am attempting to decide whether I want to go natural/white
or multi coloured button

what do you think ~ please shout out your opinion!

Sunday afternoon I spent with Sam
and as we sat down for supper ~ I found myself sitting across from
a 13 year old version of myself

it scared me ~ I want to take her under my wing
protect her from everything ~ tell her things she should avoid
and things she should do

I guess that is one the fun things in being the Aunt
I am still cool ~ she talks to me and listens to me
and that makes my heart soar

I bought these bracelets for us on Friday
love that they have Blessed on one side and Faith on the other

I will say it once again ~ I am blessed

after I dropped Sam off at band
I came home and started in on the flowerbeds

I spent over an hour playing is it a weed
or is it a plant?

I think I won in the end ~ guess I will find out soon enough

it is so good to see all the plants coming up
the weather is getting warmer
and it is going to be a good week.

Have a good one!


Blondie's Journal said...

The jars caught my eye, I have decided to have some glass canisters on my kitchen counters since I have finally cleared all the clutter off them and have some extra space (lol). Not sure where to look now that I'm actually looking! I like the colorful lids you have and they would work well in your craft room, too.

The craft room is coming along nicely, the fabrics are terrific and an inspiration board will look perfect with the fabric from Joann's.

I play the weed game a lot, too. usually I just wait for someone to reach over and pull it and tell me it's a weed!

I'm happy you had a good weekend...I've been somewhat alone as hubby is at the lake. Not totally alone as the kids keep popping in, but it's been nice.

Have a great week!


P.S. Your niece looks like a real sweetheart!

Farmgirl Paints said...

i like the colored buttons. and i'm thinking the yellow checked oil cloth is so bright and cheery. it's all coming together. your niece is a cutie.