Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Women that Made Me ~ Lakeville Girls

I could not have this series
and not mention the friendships that have been with me
basically since the beginning

Meet Rocky (Roxanne), Robyn and Tracey

these girls are my oldest friends
and we are talking elementary school long

I have known Robyn & Tracey since 1971
yeah ~ we are that old!

Robyn & Lori 1981
 this is Robyn & I back in high school
someone dared us to get our picture taken with Santa
yeah ~ don't dare us to do anything!

we started school together
rode each other's bikes
played tag and skipped rope

through the years we grew up together
and did everything together
we were the 3 musketeers

Lori & Tracey 1988
Rocky came into the picture in elementary school as well
a year younger than us ~ and lived a bit further down the road
so I think it was high school when we got close
and created the bond that we still have to this day

Lori & Rocky 2010
this shot was taken at her daughter's wedding in 2010
and is still one of my favourites of the two of us

she became a grandmother this past weekend
and I could not be happier for her

these are the girls that taught me what the word friend really means

we have to the moon and back ~ we really have
celebrated successes ~ marriages ~ births
and we have hugged and dried tears in low times

if I needed anything
any time of day
these are numbers I could call
without thinking twice

and that my friends
is the best feeling ever.

I love these girls.


Unknown said...

Hi Lori! what a beautiful post! You are certainly blessed to have these friends in your life!

mimi charmante said...

I cherish my photos of my oldest friends and I- there is something about the ones who knew you back when you were young...

Unknown said...

This was lovely Lori, such a great series of posts you have written.....I know you are a wonderful friend.

I agree with Kim's comment that there is something special about friends who knew you way back closest friends are my Uni friends who knew me pre husbands & pre children....we only see each other once a year at most now but we instantly snap back into those special days.

And what about those 1980s perms, nothing like 'em!! Xx

Cathi said...

Love this , Lori! I have 3 very close friends from my childhood that I don't see nearly enough, but when we get together its just like yesterday! Great series! xxoo