Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Women that Made Me ~ Aunt Jeanne

I am having so much fun with this series
and next up in my Dad's sister

my Aunt Jeanne

Uncle Bobby, Aunt Jeanne & me ~ circa 1968

I love this picture ~ family reunion ~ the early years
wasn't I stylin' ~ blonde pigtails
I was a cutie!

this woman is one of my favourite people
in the whole wide world

she calls a spade a spade
and has the fight and positive attitude
we could all learn from

when I graduated high school and thought I wanted to move to the big city
to make a go of it ~ start a brand new chapter
she is the one that I talked to
and she opened her door and her heart to me

it is my cousin Gina's Mom
aka ~ my best girl

this picture was taken at Gina's wedding
and I have it framed ~ I love the shot of both her and Mom
and then there is Dad in the background
watching over his girls ~ it's a treasure for sure

this lady has fought cancer and won
only to have a heart attack in '95
when we lost her ~ then they brought her back

she is now a shell of the woman she was
lack of oxygen to the brain can do that to even the strongest 
so she walks with a walker ~ or gets around in her wheelchair

every so often I see a hint of who she was
and my heart aches
it has been years since I have seen her
and pulling pictures for this series
prompted me to plan a trip to go and visit
with those far away ~ reconnect
and tell them that I love them

I found this one and love it
taken at the beach in Dorchester Cape
that's my Dad ~ David
with his siblings and his cousins

again ~ it shows the importance of family through the years.


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

What wonderful photographs and memories Lori ...... it's such a shame that your Aunt suffered a heart attack and it must be hard for you and your family to see her like she is now but, you all have such wonderful memories ...... you have a lovely family Lori and it's so interesting to read about them. I look forward to the next post of ' The Women That Made Me ' . XXXX

Cathi said...

What a beautiful post of one of your fave women! I can't believe I missed this - it's been a crazy work week though! Every time I see your old photos it makes me think of all the wonderful times with all of my aunts and draws me to the photo albums. My advice to you is to not put things off, go see your loved ones as often as you can! Happy Sunday, my sweet friend! xxoo