Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Potpourri

It IS Spring ~ is it not??

truthfully it has been a nice week
the snow is melting
the sun has been out more than 1 day
and I see patches of green grass
and shoots poking through the ground

and there is snow in the forecast tonight



it has been an emotional week
learning news through social media is sometimes not a good thing

I guess it depends on the news
and who it is from 

I got over my anger and hurt feelings
and carried on

*double sigh*




the drywall work is complete
and I will be picking up my primer tonight
so look out for tomorrow
roller in hand and I will be a mad woman!



I have been playing around in PicMonkey
and have been having so much fun

I found a tutorial on how to make to make your very own
subway art and I love how mine turned out

check out the how to here


these may very well be on the menu for Sunday brunch




I so want to get my painting completed this weekend
so I can concentrate on loading in
sorting and making it all pretty 

still no wall sconces ~ I may get out this week to look

looking for a slow cooker meal for tomorrow
I really do not like stopping a job 
to prepare a meal 

my best friend's daughter is due any day now
I am so excited to meet this little boy

what's on your agenda?

Happy weekend.


Mikal said...

Yay for sunshine, green, and Subway Art! I'm going to check out your link because I haven't found one that steps me all the way through it!

Sorry for the not so good news - I have a couple in my family that like to do that. It totally stresses me out!!

Hugs to you girlie - enjoy your painting and fluffing. I can't wait to see it all done!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Lori,
You must be so excited about your decorating and seeing an end in's going to look so good.
..... sorry to hear that you've had 'not so good' news through a social media site but good to hear that you've carried on ..... that's best when something like that happens.
Gorgeous images ..... our Spring is taking ages to get here ..... after snow and sleet it is now rain, rain, rain !!
Also, I love your subway art thingy .... I must have a look at that.
Have a lovely weekend Lori. XXXX

Lou said...

Hello you. What a set of images...when exactly is Spring coming?!! I live in hope. I am sorry you found something out over social media - that is a peril of it isn't it? But I love your attitude and readiness to get past it. Lou x

Leslie Harris said...

Lori I really enjoyed this post, although I was sorry about the social media part. Lately everywhere i go I keep reading about the pros and cons of this topic. And I personally have a love-hate thing with all of it. Anyway, I need to go to Picmonkey again, I tried to sign up but had trouble (what else is new?) and I also downloaded the recipe for those scones. They look delish! I might make them for brunch tomorrow, have you tried them yet? As usual, I loved all your much prettiness in one place.
Leslie (gwen moss)

Unknown said...

Such a lovely and inspiring post Lori....I'm sorry to hear about the social media part though :(

I must find out more about PicMonkey, I am never very good about stuff like that.

And yay for the drywall being done, EXCITING!!!!!!!!

Happy Week-end my friend XX

Tiffany said...

I love the first picture. Every Spring I get these farming tendencies and they are very much enjoyed! There is a mysterious happiness that comes from watching a plant grow!