Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Monday!

While out driving yesterday
I was disappointed to see
the trees are almost totally bare ~ naked
ready for old man winter
although I am not

the weather has been incredible
so warm that we are just bracing ourselves
for that first blast of cold air
which we all know is coming

game night was a success
good friends ~ good food and fun
what a great way to spend a Saturday night

Sunday afternoon was coffee with my cousin
planning ~ what cookies to make for Christmas this year
we came up with 3 kinds ~ shortbread, almond fingers and birdsnests
yummy yummy yummy!

I will also make gumdrop and date cookies
I need those!

this week is going to be a busy one
although I have no big holiday meal to plan
I am meeting with my book club girls tonight

then with my forever girlfriends on Thursday night
figure I will call them that since we have been together
since we were 5 years old
so it's almost forever....

I have Friday off ~ my last vacation day of the year
and I have plans ~ I do have plans for that.

Hope you all had the kind of week-end
that put a spring in your step
and a smile on your face.

Happy Monday!



It sounds like your house is going to be smelling wonderful.


Lissa said...

That meeting with your friends sounds so wonderful!! Enjoy every second of it!!! I'm not enjoying winter at all... I know it's still fall but its been in the 20s here and pouring rain and I much prefer warm sunny weather too!

Cathi said...

I had a nice relaxing weekend. We had a bit of rain, and it was a nice day to putter around the house! I have a busy week prepping for Thanksgiving - looking forward to it. Your week sounds like alot of fun too! Enjoy your time with your girlies! Hugs and smiles to you! xxoo :)

Kim said...

I always feel so good when I visit your blog:)