Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Potpourri

Hello friends
it's Friday

as the leaves crunch beneath our feet
the sun shines down on our faces

it has been a gorgeous week
sitting on the bench reading my book at lunch
kind of gorgeous

it has been a good week
a not do a whole lot of anything week
which is a good thing because next week the fun starts

getting together with girlfriends for a pre-Christmas catch up session
lattes on Monday night with some
then dinner on Thursday with others
but that's next week

this is the week-end baby
game night tomorrow with the neighbors
and their 4 legged kids ~ it's been too long

some shopping tonight
checking things off my list

my goal is to get the bulk of my shopping by the end of November
and by golly ~ I am off to a good start

thanking you for taking the time to comment this week
 they lift my day ~ they really do
Wishing you a wonderful week-end!


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Lori,
What stunning always find good ones. That waterfall !!!! I'd love to see that !!
Sounds as if your Christmas preparations are coming along nicely. I have most of mine done but, I often have and then panic at the last minute !!
Have a lovely weekend with friend's and family Lori. XXXX

Lou said...

Hi Lori, firstly what a wonderful seasonal post - all the images are so evocative. Really lovely to look at. I really wish I could proclaim that my shopping would be done by the end of the month! It's not getting much headway at the moment - how did I get to be so busy?? Secondly I wanted to say thank you for the bracelet that arrived this week. I must admit I forgot it was coming so it was a lovely surprise to get. Boo is eyeing it (as I knew she would) but I have been wearing it ever since it arrived. Thank you so much. Have a great weekend. Lou x

Unknown said...

I love this post Lori....gorgeous images, delicious food & I love the Maya Angelou quote.

Happy weekend my lovely friend!! X

Cathi said...

Gorgeous photos, Lori! I have not even started my Christmas shopping yet - I usually do it all a few weeks beforehand, but am definitely making notes of what I need to get! Have a fabulous weekend, sounds like a fun one! Hugs and smiles! xxoo :)

Rhiannon Bosse said...

Happy Weekend, Lori :) May it be full of happiness and good memories! xo


You are inspiring me . . . I have barely begun.


Ms. Robinson said...

i have to know...what is that dip stuff with the chives beside the french fries??? i must have that recipe....

Lori said...