Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunshine & Crunchy Leaves

Having a week-end with no plans
is precious ~ especially this time of year

as we ramp up for the holiday season
being able to do as much or as little as we want
in a solitary week-end was much needed in my little world

after my whirlwind shopping trip last week
I needed some me time
some home time
some laying on the couch ~ watching too much tv
and playing on the net time

what I learned this week-end was:
it's ok not to get all the cleaning done in one fell sweep

staying in your jammies til 1 pm is comfy

coloring your hair on a Saturday night is completely acceptable

spending Sunday afternoon with your Mom & Niece is fun
even if you only went to the grocery store together

being able to go out on said Sunday with no coat is unheard of
in these parts in November ~ loving the sunshine and warm temps

making Monday night's supper on Sunday afternoon
is not only smart but eases the stress of the dreaded first day of the week

catching up on blog posts that I have missed made me smile
one giant crash at 1:30am means Cooper has knocked something
off the mantle again = broken mirror
Cooper 2 ~ Mantle 0 (red wine and now a mirror)
Googling how to keep said cat off the mantle gives you
over 2 million hits but I found some ideas to try

Pear crisp and French vanilla ice cream and tea 
covers at least 3 food groups

Trev and Molly headed to the cottage on Sunday to check out
our new gate.  We are along a piece of beach protected by the 
Wildlife Society and they have been having issues keeping people off
the old road so they offered gates to all the cottage owners along 
the stretch of road ~ I think it looks pretty spiffy plus 
it saved us a bunch of moola!

Hoping that you all had a wonderful week-end
and have a great week.


Farmgirl Paints said...

All of it sounds wonderful! The no coat thing especially.

Cathi said...

Your weekend sounds just like mine, so I know you enjoyed it! Have a fabulous week, Lori! xxoo :)