Monday, October 3, 2011


Happy Monday!

using Friday's photo for inspiration
I threw my camera in the car with me when I headed out on Sunday
as I knew exactly where I was going to stop

it was a miserable day
and although the leaves have started to turn
they are no yet at their peak

I found these tracks while I was on vacation
and knew that I would be back

they were on the way to see my cousin
so I stopped on the way to the hospital

he is feeling a bit better ~ not so down
and they are operating tomorrow so please keep him
in your thoughts

my mums are blooming
and I think they look like a big snow cone
so pretty...

raindrops on hydrangea
they are such a pretty color right now

I changed up my frame and the background fabric
thanks to all the suggestions ~ loved all the feedback

I spray painted the frame white
then played around with some different colored fabric
I love it now



What do you think??

I did "nest" this week-end 
baked cupcakes, made a big pot of chili,
organized my pantry cupboard
and did some puttering

all we had was rain rain and more rain
but you know what ~ that's ok

Hope you all had a great week-end!




Lori, I love the changes you made in your quilt picture.

I am praying for you, your family and your cousin as he has surgery tomorrow.

Glenda said...

Oh my goodness! That mum is ginormous! It's humungo! It's really big! I think that may be the biggest one I have ever seen. Beautiful! I bought these tiny ones about 4 years ago and planted them in the front. You know what? They are still tiny! I like what you did with your quilt picture. It really is a showcase now. Beautiful job you crafty girl!

I do hope that your cousin gets better quick. He is very lucky to have you there for him though.

Lissa said...

God be with your cousin in surgery tomorrow! Your mums are so pretty!! I was so grateful for a slow day yesterday to nest and rest. I'be been running like crazy!

Valerie Johnson said...

The train tracks you captured in your picture bring back childhood memories for me. My Grandma and Grandpa lived on a local lake year round and behind them ran tracks that look just like this! Train tracks have a very special meaning for me as my beloved Grandpa was an engineer for Great Northern Railroad. There is truly something magical yet mysterious about train tracks...I think that is why I am drawn to them. Beautiful picture..prayers be with your cousin and family tomorrow..thank you for sharing his story!

Farmgirl Paints said...

sounds like a great weekend. i've been meaning to make some chilly. it finally turned chilly;) love the way your piece turned out. it really looks nice. praying renewed hope for your cousin. that's we all need is hope. love ya girlie.

this free bird said...

I've been having the 'nesting' days too around here. We had overcast skies last week and I barely left the house. You did a great job with the frame/fabric! Hope all goes well for your cousin tomorrow. Keep us in the loop.


Cathi said...

Sending my love and prayers to your cousin and your family! I love your gorgeous flowers! Your weekend sounded so cozy and delicious too! Love and hugs, sweet friend! xxoo :)