Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

my Mama is home
everything went well ~ they kept her overnight for observation
so I worked yesterday morning ~ picked her up in the afternoon
drove her home ~ got her settled
and went back to work

I am tired and it's only mid week
poor me
(insert pity party here)

work is crazy busy ~ but that means job security
I have a new manicure
it's called chimchilly and I love it!
I have not got any of my fall decor out yet
what on earth am I waiting for??
when did I become such a procrastinator?

our fall show of colors are almost gone
wind begone ~ let them stay on the trees a little bit longer please

trying a new recipe tonight
I usually save this for week-ends
wish me luck!

Happy Wednesday


Tara said...

Glad to hear all went well with your mama.
I too haven't got out the fall decor:)
What I wouldn't give for a manicure!
Make sure you get bed early tonight to catch up on much needed rest...good luck with the new recipe. said...

I am so glad your mom is doing so good! You are such a sweet daughter. She sure is lucky to have you! Don't feel bad, I don't have any fall decor out either. Procastination is my middle name!

Mikal said...

Oops! I emailed you about your mama, I should have come here first!

I think you've been so busy helping everyone you love, that's why no fall decor in the house. You have FILLED your blog with beautiful fall though, so that counts!

I just pulled Halloween stuff out for Jake on Friday. I told him a few weeks ago that I wasn't looking at spiders and cobwebs for 5 weeks, now it's so close and he's giving me the "eye" because we're late!

Hang in there, after today, it will only be two days left!

Cathi said...

I'm so glad to hear your mom is doing well - you truly are a fabulous daughter. You have had alot on your plate lately, so naturally you're feeling drained. I have been crazy busy at work lately too - which isn't a bad thing in this day and age. Make sure you take some time for yourself to refresh! Hugs, love and smiles sent your way, sweet friend!

Blondie's Journal said...

Thankfully your mother is okay...I have been thinking of you!

I wouldn't sweat the fall have weeks to have them out I am already a little tired of the fall clutter!!

Can't wait to hear what you make for dinner...I am in a rut, it has become such a chore with the kitchen a mess. Hopefully it will all be over soon!