Monday, October 10, 2011

Giving Thanks

What a gorgeous week-end we had!!

The temps broke records ~ it was that warm
and that makes me smile

Saturday morning we headed to the market
can you say wall to wall people
it was so much fun
gingerbread latte in hand and buying fresh veggies
and of course some cupcakes
it was a great morning

that night I picked up my girlfriend and headed to the
Travis Tritt concert
it was just him and his guitar
and we really enjoyed it

the black leather pants helped!

Sunday I was feeling a bit like an orphan
as my mother in law decided to have her turkey dinner
in a couple of weeks due to conflicting schedules & events

then my brother's girlfriend was having her family over
and included Mom with that crew

so not wanting to cook turkey for just the two of us
I was kind of feeling left out 
(insert whoaisme here)

so while I was out cleaning out the flowerbeds
my neighbor came over and invited us for turkey dinner
today!!  They were in the same boat ~ she is not close
with her brothers and her Mom & Dad have passed
then his parents are only having their dinner in a couple of weeks
so although we loved them before ~ they are now known as

so today I am doing nothing
well ~ you know I will end up doing something
but a girl can dream...

Today I count my blessings
I am thankful for so much
I could not possibly start to list all the things
that overflow my heart

just know that you are on that list.

Happy Thanksgiving!!



this free bird said...

Happy Thanksgiving Lori! I was so happy yesterday when I saw you had somewhere to go. Eat some turkey for me! Couldn't find less than an 8 pounder and, well, I guess I could have shared with my cats? FAIL


Mikal said...

YOU are a blessing to me!

Cathi said...

Enjoy your day! xxoo :)

kimberly said...

isn't this an absolutely wonderful time of year? I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are now in full-swing nesting mode!

PhotoPuddle said...

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Love all the beautiful autumn colours on your blog at the moment.


Happy Thanksgiving, Lori.