Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ Pink Ribbons

I am late in doing this post
and even though it is almost the end of October
it is something that is in the forefronts
of our minds
all year long.....

all the pink ribbons of course are for
breast cancer awareness

a couple of weeks ago a local radio station
did their part for the cause
they asked people from our area to gather
at a local sports field one Saturday
and they formed the world's largest bra

a local photographer took the shot
and I think it is pretty cool

I think that cancer has touched each and every one of us
it's the dreaded "C" word
that scares us to death

of course early detection is the key
so ladies ~ check your boobies!

this is called a Thingamaboob
you can get your own here

Happy Wednesday lovelies!

7 comments: said...

Love the bra! and those shoes! I was just reading Leontien @ Four Leaf Clover's blog. She is going through cancer again. Cancer is the one thing that scares me. I've watched so many people lose their battle to it. I learned some things about breast cancer when my aunt when through it. Breast cancer is the only cancer that can masticize to other parts of your body. Also, it's not just for women. Men are just as susceptible as women are. I think it is a shame that they don't push early detection for men as much as they do for women.

Farmgirl Paints said...

wow that last picture is so interesting. i have to admit i never do exams on myself. shame on me! thanks for the reminder.

Danielle Combs said...

My Grandma died from...complications?...of BC. (I think the chemo caused her rapid decline. One day she was fine, aside from the cancer, then she had a chemo treatment, and by a couple days later she was in the hospital, barely conscious. She didn't last but a couple weeks after that first chemo treatment...) So, it's always a thought in my mind. I also have a friend who is battling BC, she's about the same age as me but it was found in our early 30s, we're mid-30s now...It just really affects everyone's lives. Thanks for sharing the photo of the Thingamaboob.

Ann said...

Oh wow! This is such an amazing post.

Thanks for the information and awareness.
Made me want to take some exam right away.

Cathi said...

Beautiful post, Lori! Thanks for the reminder! The people bra is fabulous! love and hugs, sweet lady! xxoo :)

Unknown said...

Love this post. I'm such a sucker for pink, and this is a wonderful cause.

Have a great day! Happy to have found you through Pink Preppy Lily Lover. Congrats on the giveaway!!

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Blondie's Journal said...

This is such an inspiring post! We need all the reminders we can get.