Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 31 ~ Vivid Memories

Can I just say this first off
it is the end of May and I have blogged for all but one of the days
I am exhausted!!

The last thing on the list is to share a vivid memory

I jumble around both good and bad memories
when I have a bad one ~ I try my best to replace it with a good one

like when I think about Dad ~ we are singing together
I am sitting on the floor at his feet
leaning back and we are smiling and laughing
good memories for sure

I push out the bad memory of his final day
of the seizure ~ of his heart stopping and code blue

these are both vivid in my mind

Our wedding day is there ~ good memories
our first dance ~ Crazy for You
and the last dance ~ I'm Taking You Home
and all the fun we had that entire day
nothing was going to go wrong for me that day
nothing at all

Falling in love with Trevor
I can almost pinpoint the day I knew
that he was the one

The day we brought Cooper home
poor little ball of fur remained nameless for 3 days
before we settled on his name
I wanted to call him Buster ~ and I do all the time
my funny boy

Seeing Molly at 3 days old
visiting time and again ~ getting our pick of the litter
then finally bringing her home 

and the latest memory is taking Mom in for her surgery on Tuesday
we chatted on the way to the hospital
are you nervous ~ you know everything is going to be ok ~ right

when we first got there we were kept busy
going over her meds ~ the pre-op nurse doing all that she does
and then all was quiet ~ the doctor was late
we sat for 2 hours ~ filling in time ~ making small talk
then they came to get her ~ she squeezed my hand
fear in her eyes ~ big hugs ~ soothing her and trying to put on the brave front

I walked as far as I could
then as she disappeared through the big double doors
I retreated to the chapel
and sat and prayed

She came through the surgery well
she is still in ICU ~ but alert and looking like herself
more or less

as our parents get older we tend not to take them for granted anymore
maybe it is part of us getting older as well

thank you to those that prayed for her with me

I am looking forward to some down time
some reading time
some Mama time

and by the looks of the forecast ~ some deck time

Thank you for hanging in there with me this month
is was indeed a challenge for sure

wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend.


Unknown said...

Congrats on finishing up your challenge - you did a great job! So glad to hear your Mom is doing well.

Cathi said...

So happy to hear all is going well for your Mama - I know all too well about putting on that brave front before a loved ones surgeries! Prayers still being sent to you both, my friend! Congrats on making it thru the challenge - I fizzled out the last few weeks...enjoy your sunshine this weekend, Lori! P.S. Molly and Cooper aka Buster are so adorable! xxoo


Enjoy a rest. So happy your mom is doing well. Praying for her as she recovers.


Leslie Harris said...

Oh Lori I'm so glad to know your Mom is doing well. Hospital experiences are so stressful, especially for family. Trying to soothe and keep up the positive support can be emotionally exhausting and I hope you're taking care of yourself too. I remember when my Dad had surgery and it struck me how vulnerable our parents seem as they get older. Sending prayers to you and Mom.
Leslie (Gwen Moss)

shayaankhan said...
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Delena said...

I sure can relate to aging parents and our worries for their health and happiness. Great month of reading your posts.!