Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Potpourri

OK ~ I know I must sound like a broken record
and I really am not wishing my life away
but today could not have come soon enough

you see today is the Friday before a long weekend
and this is our official kick-off to summer
AND I start vacation

win ~ win for me!
so yes ~ I was more than a little anxious this week


I am so looking forward to this coming week
a time for...
digging in the dirt
hanging shelves
cleaning the house from top to bottom
lunch date with one of my girlies
pedi appointment


so tomorrow we load the truck
with cleaning supplies and head to the cottage

open the windows ~ strip the beds
clean clean clean
so the next nice weekend we can be cape bound
without a worry in the world




I am ready for a little R&R
and no alarm

Blog Every Day in May ~ Day 17

A favourite picture of yourself and why

I was sifting through photos this week
looking for one that brought back memories
and even though this one is not perfect ~ I smile a big smile when I 
remember this time.  It was New Years Eve 1999
Trev and I had just celebrated our first Christmas together

New Years we went out to dinner with some of our closest friends
and then back to our place ~ our first home we shared
it was a year of new love and new beginnings
it was being surrounded by loved ones
we were happy ~ and looking forward to what the year 2000 might bring
we partied like it was 1999.....
oh wait ~ it was!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend
full of sunshine and smiles!

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