Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 7 ~ What I Am Afraid Of

This one made me think ~ dig deep
and speak the truth

there are a few things that I am afraid of
and I am not just talking bugs here

I think we are all afraid of losing loved ones
I look around my family and they are all getting older
I miss my Dad so much some days
there is an actual pain in my chest
and knowing that I am going to go through that loss
that pain again frightens me

Fire scares me
losing all my stuff ~ and I know it is just stuff
to fire ~ I can't even imagine
the family keepsakes and photos
gone for ever ~ I cannot go there

same as a flood
our basement flooded when I was living at home
and you guessed it ~ my bedroom was in the basement
nothing like 12 inches of water to make you take stock
of what is important

I am not a wimpy scared of bugs kind of girl
June bugs and earwigs more than likely top my list
and snakes ~ they just have an ick factor
not a fan

and to round things out and keep things real
I am afraid of losing my hearing
I have partial hearing in my right ear
comes from years of infections as a child
to lose that sense ~ any of my senses actually
to not be able to hear music anymore
again ~ let's not go there

I am pretty brave most days
and strong

I am a woman after all!


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Lori,
We all have our fears ..... I guess that life wouldn't be life without them but, they are a little scary, aren't they ?
Sorry that I've been absent lately ...... seem to have been busy and commenting has taken a sideline.
Hope you are both well ..... we have had the most wonderful, sunny, warm Bank Holiday weekend although it's going to be colder for the rest of the week. Typical British weather !!!!
Have a lovely week. XXXX

Ann said...

Oh gosh,
you just made me realize
that I am afraid of dying anytime soon or in the foreseeable future. I am afraid to die because my son is still young and I want to be able to guide and protect hum until such time he can be responsible enough to take care of himself.

Cathi said...

Your fears are definitely ones we all have, Lori - so I totally understand completely. As long as we don't let our fears rule our life. When I lived in No. California and we had a huge and I mean huge earthquake, I thought about what I would take if I only had seconds to get out and truly all I would need were my family photos. For a very long time after the earthquake, I kept all my photo albums near the door. Hugs and love to you! xxoo