Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 10 ~ My Most Embarrassing Moment (that I am willing to share)

Day 10 asks us to share our 
most embarrassing moment

so I knew just the story to tell
people love it and although I could have died at the time
it gives me quite a chuckle still today

I will set the scene
think retail ~ department store
the Saturday before Christmas
toy department

yeah ~ I don't miss it

it's late afternoon
I am tired ~ been on my feet all day
assisting customers ~ helping people find the perfect gift

so I am helping this set of grandparents
looking for the perfect toy for their grandson

hovering around the Dr. Dreadful labs
looking to see the differences between which one has what features
so I am reading off the back
and how it has living orgasms

yeah ~ not living organisms but living orgasms

the man put his hand on my shoulder and said
it must be getting to the end of your shift....

I turn around and there is another lady on her hands and knees
in the aisle ~ tears streaming down her face

then she came over and hugged me and said
"thanks ~ I needed that today"

the grandparents bought the kit ~ not sure if it was out of pity
or whether they thought their grandson would really like it

it was quite a big joke for quite awhile
and here I am today ~ lived to tell the tale!


Unknown said...

Bwahahahahah!! :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

That is hilarious. And they bought it... Even more hilarious :-)