Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 13 ~ I'm Sorry

Today we are to issue a public apology
and to be truthful ~ I have been thinking about this for awhile
and this morning I had an aha moment


I am sorry for saying no

I know ~ I was always a yes girl

oh yes ~ I will help you move on the weekend
and help plan your wedding
and decorate the night before
and pick up that cake and take it out of my way

oh yes ~ I will drop in there
after I leave here because I don't really have anywhere else to be
but here, here and here

I was constantly running
making promises to people that tired me out
then one day I stopped
I got off the hamster wheel
because a co-worker gave me a business card
and on the back he had written


he told me to keep it in my pocket and pull it out at random
I think he knew me better than I knew myself

It took me until my early 30's to realize
that I had to please myself first

I did not have to be on the tear all the time
it was ok to sit and put your feet up
and not have to be somewhere every waking moment

some feelings got hurt ~ most understood

I also stopped calling people 
that did not make the effort to pick up the phone
and call me once in awhile

one said to her brother that I was also friends with
"I miss Lori"
he then replied ~ have you called her?

my line was also ~ oh ~ does your phone only receive calls
do you not have a dial tone and a key pad?

works every time
I either never hear from them again
or they get it
sometimes the truth hurts.....


Unknown said...

Oooh, such a good post Lori, well put.

I'm pretty good at saying no but it's definitely something that has to be learned - and said.

I am a bit stuck with writing my "sorry" post :)

Cathi said...

This a fabulous post, Lori! I learned that lesson a long time ago and have no problem with saying NO. It's taken my sis until very recently to get that in her vocabulary, but so happy she finally did. I'm a bit behind on my posting - I had a very busy emotionally exhausting, yet fabulous weekend! xxoo

Unknown said...

Very well-written, and very true!