Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 18 ~ Childhood Memories

Every summer from the time I was about 8 through to my early teens
we would pack up the camper and the car on Friday night 
and head out on the highway.  

There was always a beach or a pool and friends ~ lots of friends.  

We would ride our bikes and run through the woods
collecting things for a scavenger hunt 
and getting fried clams or an ice cream cone as a treat.  

Life was simple ~ after supper we washed the dishes in a pan 
out at the picnic table and took off for the alders looking for the perfect stick.  

A bonfire was a nightly occurrence and there would be guitars playing, 
marshmallows roasting ~ happy campers for sure.  

As I got older I wanted to bring a friend ~ and also got choosy 
about which camp ground we wanted to go to.  
Our favourite was the one with the drive-in theatre next to it 
because Dad would take the car over and park it 
just us kids all jammed into the car ~ watching movies and eating popcorn.  

The adults would be back at the camp site and would take turns 
every now and then and wander over to check on us.  

These are days I remember so well and I think 
I became a better person for not only having the time spent with my family, 
but travelling around to different points, 
making new friends and experiencing life.  


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

It sounds as if you had a wonderful childhood Lori .... full of fun, excitement and family and friends.
You are doing so well with your blog every day challange .... I would have given up days ago !!!! haha
Have a great weekend ..... we are having a new roof on our house so EVERYWHERE is covered in dust !!!! XXXX

Unknown said...

This was a lovely read Lori, great memories....I wish I'd been to a drive-in :)

Happy Week-end lovely girl XX

Cathi said...

I have alot of those same type of childhood memories - the great and simple times of our lives. Enjoy your weekend, sweet girl. I'm sending you some of our sunshine! xxoo