Saturday, May 4, 2013


To ask me to pick one quote as my absolute favourite is 
like asking a mother to pick her favourite child

it is impossible ~ so I will pick 3 ~ for now...

this one speaks to me in so many ways
I think I loved it the first time I saw it

the reason why I love it so
is this is how I want to live my life each and every day

I am looking for a copy of it ~ on a card stock
about 5x7 so I can frame it for my new space
if you see one around internet land ~ please let me know
and send me the link!

One quote that I always said was my fav is
Live ~ Love ~ Laugh
again ~ it is 3 of the most important things to do

looking at the first one ~ you can see why I also love this one

no words needed.....

Happy Saturday


Victoria | Hibiscus Bloem said...

Great quote, and definitely one to have displayed so everyone can see. Love seeing all those quotes today - I could make a whole gallery of them!

Unknown said...

These are lovely quotes Lori, I love all of them too.

I couldn't possibly choose just one quote did well choosing 3, I think I used 12 LOL!!

Happy Week-end!! X

Cathi said...

You have chosen perfect quotes, my quote twin! I hope your weekend has been wonderful! xxoo