Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 30 ~ Letting Go

I used to be quite a pack rat ~ I would keep everything 
sentimental factor does that to a person.  


Also it depended on who gave it to me 
did not want to hurt anyone’s feelings by giving something away that you absolutely hate.  

A couple of things got broken accidently on purpose 
during a move a few years back ~ less guilt that way.  

Then came along the show Clean Sweep with Peter Walsh on TLC.  

I would sit and watch it and something clicked….. 
it’s not the item that holds the memory ~ the heart does.  

Talk about an Oprah aha moment ~ it was a push that was needed.  

I no longer hold onto things because of who gave them to me.  

I have purged and purged items from our home.  

I go through my closet at the change of every season.  

So letting go of the stuff ~ I am getting there.  

I still have a few things that I just cannot part with yet but there is still time.  
Now if I can just get my dear husband to clean out his closet!


Cathi said...

I used to watch Clean Sweep too - love Peter Walsh! I have moved so much over the years, that I am pretty good about purging. I've actually been doing it all week. Now, if only Alex would get on the purging bandwagon too! Have a great day!!! xxoo

Victoria | Hibiscus Bloem said...

Oh yes I love having a purge - a good clear out. Nothing better than a car load of stuff going to the dump, recycling, charity thrift store. It makes my shoulders fill lighter and the house look lovelier. Win alround. Happy Thursday to you.