Friday, May 3, 2013

Not Ready To Make Nice

Today's post is about things that make you feel uncomfortable

and I think it should be more than just your clothes getting tighter
from sitting around all winter in front of the tv
with the laptop on your knee
eating bon bons

not that I did that and 
yes I am fibbing just a little

well ~ maybe about the bon bons
as my tv eating favourite thing is ice cream
yup ~ anytime ~ anyplace


One of the things that make me most uncomfortable is conflict

I am my father's daughter where as I am laid back 
and go with the flow
I can also take charge and get things done
and the older I get the more I speak my mind
which is good and bad

I hate fights ~ I hate yelling
I was so upset about something a couple of weeks ago
I lost sleep over it a couple of nights
and everyone around me could see I was ready to blow

I needed to vent ~ but did not want to burden anyone

I was going to write about it here ~ but decided against it

so I came home that night ~ had supper ~ came up to the office
pulled up my music files
and sang ~ I sang it out
and do you know what ~ I felt so much better about it all

I have come to the conclusion yet again
that the only person I hurt when I lug around the bitterness
is me and I am better than that

I am much better than that!


Blondie's Journal said...

You make a lot of sense and I think we are very much alike. I hate conflict so I choose my battles. I find that if I just keep quiet, things have a way of working themselves out. Sometimes you do have to take action if you feel really strongly about something, but it's always best to think it through and choose your words carefully. I learned this from a very wise man I call my husband! I hope you are feeling better now. A long drive with the radio blasting always helps me!


Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh girl glad you figured out a way to deal with the anger. A punching bag is a good thing too. I've always wanted one:-)