Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 5 ~ Bloggy Love

On day 5 of the blogger challenge
you must publicly profess your love to 
one of your blogger friends

there are so many people that I could choose from
after kicking around these parts for going on 4 years

I have professed love here before for 2 bloggers
that were friends before our blogging days ~ girls that I have never
actually met ~ but love with all my heart

then there are those that are my "go to" places
ones that I never want to miss a post
and you can find them here on my sidebar under
Daily Reads

I decided today to choose 2 wonderful ladies
one that I have read and has been with me
since the beginning

and one that I have just found recently
and has become one of my favourite places to go

I am not sure how I came upon Farmgirl Paints ~ but I was drawn to her
from the very beginning

what I love about Becky is her love ~ she loves big
her chicks and her honey
she is vibrant ~ colouful ~ creative
her art and her photos are gorgeous
and her faith spills over into her posts
she makes me smile

see ~ creative!

Her Etsy shop is open right now if you want a cuff
you will not be disappointed ~ I just ordered my 2nd one!


The next blog I want to profess my love for is

I found her through a link on another blog
and I am so happy that I clicked on it

Leslie writes the most thought provoking posts
that I find I want to go back and read and reread them
like this one here

and I love it when that happens
and she leaves me the best comments ~ ha!
we all love comments don't we

if you have not met either of these ladies
a visit is in store
you will not be disappointed ~ I can guarantee it.



Unknown said...

I absolutely love both of these ladies too, great choices Lori.

I've been reading Becky's blog since I first started blogging - a long time! - and I love her writing, I never want to stop reading her blog. She writes with her heart on her sleeve, is honest....and, as with so many of the best blogs, I find myself relating to her so often. She's warm, funny & beautiful.

Leslie is a wonderful person and writes brilliantly, doesn't she? She's so wise and also very warm....if I lived on her street, it's her kitchen I'd want to be sitting in :) She also leaves the nicest & most heartfelt comments.

Love this post Lori XX

Farmgirl Paints said...

awwww girl you blessed me this morning. we have been together since the beginning. thank you always for being a faithful reader. you know i adore you!

Leslie Harris said...

Lori. Right after I have one of the best days ever, I wake up to this post.
Wow. I seriously consider you one of my blessings. This post makes me want to cry, and I'm sure it's my darn hormones making me even more sentimental than I normally am. Which is actually quite frightening haha. Love to you dear friend, I feel the same way about your blog. One of my favorite places in the blog universe to visit.
Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

Blondie's Journal said...

I follow Becky and I just love her blog. I will follow the link to Leslie's. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine! And I love that you are posting each day, I'm really enjoying it!



I enjoy Becky's blog, too.


Victoria | Hibiscus Bloem said...

You definitely found two great bloggers to love here. I don't know either, so I'm off to have a little read.

Cathi said...

I have to agree with you - two wonderful bloggers. I have one of Becky's cuff's that I adore and wear it often. And I love Leslie's blog always uplifting and thought provoking! Hugs and love, sweets! xxoo