Thursday, September 1, 2011

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Winding down on my photos from Gina's visit

we took advantage of my time off and got some family visits in

the night before she left we went to our cousin's place for supper
and had a great time

she left on Friday night and
you know airports always make me cry
I think it must be the air
drier maybe...

before the tears started to flow
we took pictures!

Gina & Gord

with our good friend Pete

a group shot of the 3 of us

this is one of my favorite shots of us

Gina's cute flats with her new pedicure peeking out

she will kill me for this one
I call it her cabbage patch face
this is where things started to go downhill....

we really hate saying goodbye
but spending time together like this
even if it is in short spurts
makes us appreciate the time we have together
even more

can I just say thank goodness for Facebook
on line chat & email
as they keep us close even from a distance

Happy Thursday!

5 comments: said...

A few tears are fine for all the laughter and joy. Xx

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Lori,
Aren't airports teary places sometimes ? When our daughter went travelling for a year and our son went to Canada for 6 months, I couldn't go to the airport !! Call me chicken, but I don't like it !! I'm fine when we go and meet them though !!....and, it's OK when they just go on holiday, although, I still worry and they are 30 and 32 now !!!!....and now we have a grandson to worry about !!
I hate saying goodbye to anyone, even if they just come to dinner !! haha
You have such a lovely connection with Gina, it must be so hard for you to wave her off at the airport. Still, I'm sure that she will be back again soon and, as you say, there's always Facebook and emails.
Dry your tears Lori and make yourself a jug of Swish !! XXXX

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh Lori just went through your previous posts. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Saying goodbye is so SO hard. I've done it way too much in my life. BIG HUGS!!! said...

Aw I feel for you sweetie! It is so nice that you are so close to your cousin though. I would say that you are the epitome of the word "family". Your close connections are so heartwarming. It is nice to know that some still do appreciate their families as much as you do. It's so easy to drift apart when you get older.

kimberly said...

Oh girlie, you know how much I dislike saying goodbye. Airports are wonderful when picking up, horrid when dropping off...
Thinking of you~