Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Prayers Please...

Just a quick note tonight before I go to bed

a note asking for prayers

see this shot ~ it is me, my cousin Donny,
my cousin Gina and Trevor
circa 1983

young things ~ funny isn't it!
Gina found it in a pile of old pictures
and brought it down to show me when she was here
I love it

so ~ Donny is my cousin
we are the same age ~ well 1 month apart
if you want to get all technical

he has had a rough year or so
last summer he was diagnosed with cancer
in his butt cheek

tumor in his butt ~ first time I had heard of it
but there it was

so last fall he went thru chemo and radiation
into Christmas and the new year

this spring he got the sign
all clear the doctor said
cancer free

but he was still having issues
taking Immodium constantly
I know ~ tmi...right

then this summer he was having extreme pains
in his stomach
he has been told so many different things
that he did not know which way to turn

he is alone
never married
just a man and his dog
going through stressful stuff
which was not helping his health

so he has been off work for 5 weeks now
and is now in the hospital
a small town hospital which is more like a clinic

I think he should be moved to a bigger one
preferably one of the 2 here

his sister is doing her best
being an advocate and working full time
plus the other things she has going on in her life right now

it can send someone right over the edge
but I am here for her
because I love them both

so I ask you to pray for Donny
he is scared
scared of losing his home
of who will look after his dog
about his job
and fears that this is the end

I am staying optimistic
trying ~ trying

so tonight I will pray 
that they can find out exactly what is wrong
pray that the infection will leave his body
pray that he can heal
pray that the calls and questions I asked tonight
were the right ones

pray for the cousin that introduced me
to my future husband although we did not know it
at the time

pray pray pray



Hi Lori,
I am glad that I popped on here just before heading to bed. I will gladly pray with you tonight for your cousin. Cancer is a frightening and horrid disease. My sister just shared her cancer experience on my blog. I am sorry your family is going through this.


Cathi said...

Sending my love, hugs and many prayers to you and your cousin! I am so sorry you are all going thru this, Lori. xxoo

Joyce said...

Sending you all prayers and hugs. xo

shelley t said...

Saying prayers tonight for you, your cousin and all those who care for him. Cancer is too cruel. May tomorrow be a good day.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Lori,
I am so sorry to hear your sad news about your cousin Donny. It must have been so awful for him to be told that he was cancer free and then for this to happen. Lets hope that they will find out what it is quickly and to be able to help him.
I shall be thinking of you and your family. Take care Lori. XXXX said...

Oh Lori, I hope your cousin gets some good new here. I can't imagine what he is going through right now. He is lucky to have a loving and supporting family like you. I will keep him in my prayers that he has a speedy recovery. Don't get too stressed out worrying over him. I know it is easier said than done though.

Mikal said...

Praying at this moment! Hugs to you!!

Farmgirl Paints said...

oh girl that is so hard. lifting him up right now to the one who can heal and comfort.

Melissa Blake said...

sending lots of prayers your way!

Rhiannon Bosse said...

Thinking of you and sending so many prayers your way, Lori! Stay positive gorgeous xoxo