Friday, September 16, 2011

Piece by Piece

This week has been different
yes ~ I am on vacation
but I have also been by myself most of the week

I had a list of things to do
little things really
and although I did go out and get some things done on Monday
my get up and go was not around
until Thursday!

My grandmother was a quilter
so when the farm was being cleared out last year
I grabbed this box of quilt pieces

I could not believe all the different fabrics and patterns
she had cut out and saved for a future quilt

so on Tuesday I pulled out the box
and sorted through them all
it was not a small task...

please forgive the picture quality as I did it in the basement
in my craft/junk room!

looking through some of the fabrics I came across
old curtains and clothing
and one that I remember I had a nightie made with it

some were stitched into little circles
so I set those aside and starched and ironed those ones first

I then took an old frame I had
and made a mini quilt in it

I am not sure whether I like it or not
love the concept ~ but maybe it's the frame
please give me some feedback ~ please!!

Thursday I got down to business
hung the sheets on the line ~ really ~ is there anything better?

painted the trim on all the windows on the top floor

tried a new recipe for supper
yummy bruschetta chicken and herbed basmati rice
recipes are linked

then made a chocolate chip banana bread
let me know if you want the recipe 
as I cannot find a link to it

yes ~ all my energy suddenly appeared
do you think that maybe it's because I knew
that vacation was wrapping up??!!

the cosmos are still blooming

brown eyed susies make me smile

along with this little monkey
playing frisbee in the back yard

In retrospect  I think I am the type of person
that needs a deadline to get things done ~ I think I
proved that this week

what is on the agenda today
more painting ~  more ironing
oh yeah and clean the bathrooms

wish me luck...

Wishing you all a wonderful week-end
full of sunshine and smiles.



Jacqueline @ HOME said...

How lovely to have found your Grandmother's quilt pieces and some that hold memories for you. You have done a lovely job with your quilt picture and I wouldn't begin to critiise it. I think that you should now start a patchwork quilt which will become a family heirloom ! No pressure !! haha
Have a lovely weekend Lori. XXXX

Mikal said...

How incredible to have all those pieces of fabric like that. I love the thought of your gram using different pieces of clothing, sounds like something my gram would have done too!

I love your display too - I've seen those done in thin white frames that you can barely see, and I think it helped to keep the eye on the "art" vs the frame.

I am a deadline performer too... don't know why I put that kind of pressure on myself, but I do! LOL I know you'll feel good to get to mark off all the "done" things from you list, but remember to add some FUN things to that list too. Pedicure? Lunch out?

Hugs girlie! said...

Love what you did with your grandmother's quilt pieces. I think the frame needs to be painted. Something to make it bring out the pieces. Maybe a faux finish to make it look like an old piece too. Would be cute with a vintage show ribbon on the corner of the frame too. Possibly a darker background color? I like that idea though! You are such a clever girl! And a busy girl! I am like you with the agenda thing. If I have lots to do seems like I get more done. Enjoy the rest of your vacation! I want to see the painting and staining!

Patricia said...

I was thinking a dark background also. Have fun with this project.

Farmgirl Paints said...

you've been busy girlie. love that you were able to reuse your grandma's quilt. i would definitely start with painting the frame white or silver or something. if you still don't like it try a different background to make the pieces pop more. it's a super sweet idea. you'll figure it out. have a great weekend.

Blondie's Journal said...

I love the quilt pieces in the frame...what a lovely tribute to your grandmother!! She would love it!

So it sounds like you had some play and then some serious work on your vacation. It's sad that sometimes we have to use what little bit of vacation we get to do work, but I guess that's how it gets done. Relax this weekend...Monday will be here before you know it!!



I do better with deadlines, too. I also like to have productive and then non productive days. So glad you got some time off.