Thursday, September 15, 2011

1968 ~ Lunar Green

I am not a car nut ~ I know what I like
and if it is a pretty colour then all the better

Trev was quite put out when I posted on Monday 
about the week-end and said that the truck was a '67

I stand corrected ~ it is a '68
and although the only Ford I said I would drive in
would be a Mustang ~ I do get into the truck
because it is pretty!

Because of my snafu on the year ~ I decided to dedicate
and entire post to it....

Trev had this truck when we got together
it was me and my cat
him and his truck

when we were looking for a house
one of the things that was a must was a garage
for the truck

he is the 2nd owner ~ the person that bought it and 
drove it off the lot passed away 
and it was sold as part of the estate
Trev has had it ever since

she is "3 on the tree"
and no ~ I have never driven it ~ ever

it is in mint condition and gets stored from about 
October to May

and there you have it ~ the '68 Ford
in Lunar Green 

4 comments: said...

Nice truck! I can imagine that it would be fun to tool around in during the summer. Boys and their toys! Don't make any mistakes about them at ALL! Too funny!

Kim said...

I'd say a photoshoot is crying to be made with that truck ;)

rattrapper said...

Your husband has a nice truck! I know of a Facebook page for these trucks if he is on Facebook: Fixem Your Way 1967-1972 Ford F100. If you or your husband knows of anyone with Mercury pickups, they're also welcomed in the group, as some members have Mercury M100s as well. Your blog is great, as I've read some of your latest posts as well. I came across the blog by doing a search for lunar green, and have no regrets reading the post! My best!

Unknown said...

We just bought our 1968 Ford (250), and it is lovely! The Lunar Green color is more of a turquoise, and I love riding in it with Hubby. Also love driving it. Soooo fun! Thanks for the post. :)