Tuesday, September 6, 2011

All Jacked Up

Well hello there
it feels like Monday
but it's Tuesday and thus my vacation has
officially began

I got dressed at 1:30 this afternoon
how's that for making good on doing nothing
on a rainy day promise

well ~ sort of ~ as I did go out
but that's another story and not a very interesting one
so I will spare you the details

I will tell you about our week-end
which was beautiful ~ gorgeous ~ sunny
warm ~ pick one...

Saturday was a work day
we jacked up the cottage and replaced the sill

I realized that I have to stop calling it a cottage
as it is really more of a camp
rustic ~ rustic ~ rustic

no running water rustic
wash your hair with rainwater rustic
a bit like camping without the tent

it was a big job ~ but thankfully it is complete
I even got my new deck installed
well almost

we decided to leave the railing off until we paint
which hopefully will be next summer
or we may decide to leave it off all together
guess I have a few months to make a decision

I do know that we are going with red trim next time
and that makes me smile

we also need a new door as we had another
attempted break in so that is on the list asap

Sunday I went to the farm and tried to find some
flowers for my trip to the cemetary
as it was Dad's birthday

not the best array ~ but it worked

as I walked around with my camera in hand
thoughts of my grandmother came to mind
and my aunt too

wishing I had the money and time
to devote to this property ~ restore it

I found out on Sunday that my grandfather wanted
to leave the farm to my Dad
but left it to all 5 kids instead
it made me wonder what I would do with it today
if it was truly mine.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday week-end
Until next time...



Wow, you labored hard on Labor Day. You place is so cute . . . I would call it a cottage.


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Lori,
Your cottage, which is indeed a cottage, looks so sweet and, how lovely to have so many helpers..... is that 4 hunky men I see !!!! haha.....no wonder you got the deck done ! It's going to look great when it's finished.
I love your bunch of wild flowers for your dad.....they look so much nicer than flowers from the florist. I can't think of anything nicer to take to the cemetery.
Enjoy your time off Lori .... I know that you will make the most of it. XXXX

www.theirishfarmhouse.blogspot.com said...

I agree on the cottage. It is a cottage. Very cute! Love the new deck too. That is a big project to undertake in a weekend. Wow! Were you motivated! I can't wait to see it all painted up. Your flowers are thoughtful. I love them. When I go to visit my mom, if it's not a special occesion, I put dandelions on her grave. I used to bring her bunches of them when I was younger and it makes me giggle to still do it! Enjoy your vacation! Have a cocktail for me!