Monday, September 19, 2011

River Walk

Hello and Happy Monday

I hope that everyone had a good week-end
mine was bittersweet as this morning I get to 
head back to work after 2 weeks off

it bites actually!

This week-end was gorgeous
and I enjoyed it to the max
Sunday I was picking up Samantha
and we were going to head to the fair

while I was driving to get her ~ camera in purse
I thought about one of the things I wanted to do
while I was on vacation was to walk the path
along the river and get some shots before the flowers all died off..

so when I got to Mom's I gave her the option
the fair or modeling for the afternoon
my girl picked picture taking ~ walking and talking
over animals

we started off at one end where the town had planted
a garden of sunflowers

although they had taken a beating ~ the wind had gotten 
to quite a few
the majority were standing tall and proud

there were quite a few with teal ribbons tied around them
which made me smile

down around the corner is one of my favorite places
Riverfront Park

the gazebo has live music one night a week all summer

there are little east coast symbols along the path
like a lighthouse and covered bridge
along with beautiful flowerbeds

my little sweet pea has turned into a 
beautiful young lady

down under the bridge
(no trolls)
and around the other side

another walker offered to take our picture
which was a perfect memento of our afternoon

on our way back to the car
the tidal bore came in

I have not seen it in years
and Sam had only seen it once
we actually heard it before we turned to see it
it was pretty cool

if you want to read more about it click here

we rewarded ourselves with ice cream!!

Once we downloaded the photos ~ she picked the ones
she wanted added and tagged to Facebook
then we picked up Mom and we all went out to dinner

it was the perfect day to end my vacation.

Hope you all had a wonderful week-end
and that you have a great week.


Mikal said...

What a beautiful day! I can't believe the sunflowers are still blooming - mine have all died off. They were a different hybrid this year though, I need to remember to plant the good ol' fashioned ones for next year!

Have a great week - hope it goes by fast! :)

Cathi said...

Now that sounds like my kind of day! Glad you enjoyed your time with Samantha! Have a beautiful week despite having to spend it at work...I feel for you, sweet lady...:) xxoo