Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunshine and Puppy Dog Kisses

This week-end was gorgeous
not hot by any means
but warm and sunny ~ perfect really

Saturday was a day for errands and work
staining ~ painting
almost done...

so Sunday we hopped in the truck
and went to the camp
Trev's parents place to be exact
and it was beautiful

they are right on a river which despite all the rain we have had
is really low right now

I roamed around just taking random shots
enjoying the sunshine on my face

the last of the flowers ~ still showing off

tomatoes and blackberries just waiting to be picked

this big old brute is Boo ~ Trev's parents dog
she is almost 2 and full of kisses

and of course this is our spoiled brat
as soon as my MIL got up from her chair ~ Molly claimed it!
she was making relish ~ the best hot dog relish eva...

this was our ride ~ Trev's 1967 Ford 
his baby

so it was a very relaxing day full of good company and
of course good food as my MIL is the best cook!

Hope you had a good week-end
I know that yesterday was an emotional day for many

I took some time to reflect 
and watched the coverage of the anniversary on tv
then I pulled myself up and got ready to greet the day

what did you do??

6 comments: said...

It was funny, I read your status this weekend on FB that you were staining and painting and I thought "oh crap, I should do something!" I want to see what you did! The camp looks like a great place to go and relax at. Love the puppy faces! How cute is Boo? Love bulldogs! Molly looks like she has just conquered the world in the chair! Like haha! I dare you to get me out of here!

Farmgirl Paints said...

it was beautiful here too. we visited a new church. that was interesting;) and in the evening we went to the Richmond Symphony orchestra that gave a free concert as a 9/11 tribute. it was a nice day:)

Rhiannon Bosse said...

Those puppies are ADORABLE :) I just wanna squeeze em!

this free bird said...

You have managed to capture this time of year in Canada to a t--I love all the pictures you shared. Yesterday was a contemplative day for sure. I found the coverage compelling and genuine, which isn't always the case.



I love this time of year, too.


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Your photographs are beautiful Lori and I just love Molly's face. She really owns that chair !! XXXX