Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day Tripping

Tuesday we got up early and hit the road
as it was time for a little adventure

we headed to Prince Edward Island
Canada's smallest province

stopped on our side of the Confederation Bridge
for a photo op

then across the bridge we go
after a stop at the welcome center
we started on the Antiques Trail

of course a trip to the island would not be complete
without a shot of that red dirt and a field of potatoes

one of our first stops was a treasure trove
some things were pricey ~ some were priced to sell

we saw lots of windows

and some great old farm equipment 

the scenery was beautiful
and it really was a perfect day

this handsome guy came with us 
he was the driver

love love these flowers
I know it is a type of hydrangia
but not sure exactly which type
does anyone know?

the best part of the day was that it was spent with
2 people that I love with all my heart

as we headed back across the bridge
to meet friends for our seafood feast
we were tired but content

believe it or not ~ I bought nothing
of course I kick my butt that 
I left a couple of things behind

next time....


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Lori,
Looks like you had a wonderful day. Right at the beginning of our blogging days, I seem to remember you taking a friend or relative somewhere similar and there was pottery involved ? I've probably got that all wrong !!
Someone will probably tell me that I'm wrong but, I think the hydrangea is a lacecap hydrangea but I don't know the Latin name.
I love the sound of your Seafood Feast. That's my kind of food !!
Have a lovely week Lori. XXXX


Sounds like the perfect day (if it included a cup of coffee, of course.)


www.theirishfarmhouse.blogspot.com said...

The day sounds wonderful except that I would have to white knuckle that ride over the bridge! Mmmm...seafood....now that is my kinda meal! Love the stack of lobster traps! I keep thinking that I need one of those but not sure what for though! The closeup pic of the two of you together....boy! can you tell you're related or what?! You both have the same smile! Love it! You both are gorgeous as well! Keep on smiling that gorgeous smile my friend!

Mikal said...

That was my kind of day!! I really need that pile of windows to build my greenhouse - wish I could come across a stash like that - and those picket fences.. LOVE!

You've had the best adventures and fun lately, so happy that you are keeping yourself full of joy! I need to practice that for myself much more.

Lacecap Hydrangea - I'm going to add some of those to my garden this year. I think they are perfect with roses and peonies..,and sunflowers, cosmos, and the list goes on! :)

Keep smiling that BEAUTIFUL smile girlie!

Cathi said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! xxoo :)

Marianne said...

Hi, Lori. Great post, I'm so jealous! Check out my 10 Countries I Want To Visit on my blog and you'll see why. :o)

Lissa said...

what a great way to spend the day!! It sure seems like you're enjoying a fantastic summer! And now you have some spending money for next time!

Rhiannon Bosse said...

From one Canadian to another, Lori it looks like the perfect trip. And that antique store! Gah!! Look at all of those windows. I wish we had that here in my little city :) Glad you had a memorable trip!