Thursday, August 4, 2011

10 Years Ago Today....

10 years ago today I awoke feeling at peace
I was calm cool and collected

I grabbed a coffee and headed to the deck
it was cloudy ~ those dark ominous clouds
the ones that spell pending doom
or at least rain

I was not worried
nope ~ maybe I should have been considering
that we were having an outdoor wedding
that evening

yes ~ 10 years today I married
the one that makes my heart happy

all you need to do is look at those smiles
"we did it!!"

we had a small wedding party
Trevor's best friend Gordie and my best girl Gina
stood up with us

a shot with our parents

and me with the girls
all you have to do is look at the kids
to see how the time has flown by

~ my favorite shot ~

we have been through so much together
good times and bad
in sickness and in health

we have had our times ~ it is a work in progress
and throughout it all we still love each other
and are still in love

isn't that what it all boils down to??

So we were not suppose to buy each other gifts
because we went away in April ~ yeah ~ remember Cuba??

and since we will be out tonight ~ going to another concert
are we not just the couple on the go this week

we exchanged gifts last night
yes ~ the gifts we were not suppose to buy

so he bought me another band that matches my set
pictures will come of that
and I bought him an iPad

go big or stay home....

we will be going out to dinner and toasting each other
and as he said to me last night
as he slipped the new band on my finger

"For Life"

xo  love you baby  xo



Love, love the pictures . . . especially your favorite.

I always say that marriage is as good as the person you married . . . looks like you chose well.

Happy Anniversary.


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Happy, happy 10th anniversary to both of you.
You are obviously a match made in heaven and are made for each other.
Wonderful photographs which hold precious memories, I'm sure.
Have a lovely day and here's to the next 10 years.
We had our 35th wedding anniversary in July but, gifts went out of the window a few years ago !! Dinner and Champagne is enough for us nowdays !! Lots of love to you Trevor and Lori. XXXX

Mikal said...

Ah, love this love story! Congrats to you both, and wishes for many, many more years of love and happiness!

Farmgirl Paints said...

happy anniversary friend. love that pic too! enjoy each other:)

Cathi said...

You made me tear up, Lori (and that is hard to do!) Happy Anniversary to you and Trevor! Enjoy your night out celebrating your love! Your pictures are beautiful - it truly shows how happy you both are! Hugs and Love to you, sweet friend! xxoo :)

Erica said...

Love the pictures especially your favorite. Happy Anniversary.

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Recaptured Charm said...

Happy Anniversary Lori! Sounds like you are a match made in heaven. LOVE the gift Go BIG for sure!
Hope it was wonderful

Lissa said...

It sounds like you enjoyed a fabulous anniversary! So fun to see the wedding pics! take care!

this free bird said...

Congrats and Happy Anniversary Lori!! Thanks for sharing pics with us :)