Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Best of Times

Well hello there
it has been awhile and I have been a busy girl

as you know my best girl (aka cousin) was here for a week

is this not just a gorgeous picture
I love it ~ her ~ not so much!

So while she was here ~ we had a little family gathering
Samantha and I made cookies for the affair

the flip flops were fun and easy to make
the glasses ~ not so much
but we salvaged some and got them decorated

Trev toasted the event by opening his last can of cerveza
smuggled brought home from Cuba

of course we made two batches of what we lovingly now call
swish ~ posted about here and found here
2 blenders were going
and we ate our faces off

oh Lori ~ why are there no pictures of this??
well ladies ~ when you have had a bit too much to drink
in the hot sun
and put your camera down without turning it off
the batteries go dead!

so you have the cookie shots
one of Trev
and one of the first group that arrived and proceeded
to drag the chairs off the deck into the shade...

and that was that!

we did have a great time and sat out until the wee hours
singing and laughing
making memories

Sunday we were treated to breakfast out
then headed over to Trev's cousins pool

noodle hog

Trev & I

Gina catching some rays
 we had so much fun!

We got to our movie, a day trip to PEI,
visited family, dined out, dined in, shopped 
and so much more.

I really enjoyed having the time off while she was here
and able to make some plans.

I took lots of photo's on the island and will share
them in a couple of days...

I was also featured last week over at
I had so much fun answering these questions
drop over for a visit if you have a minute!

for now I want to leave you with this

these are words of a great Canadian that we lost too soon
to cancer last Monday.  RIP Jack.

I cannot wait to get around to see what everyone has
been up to!


7 comments: said...

Oh, it sounds like a fun time was had by all. Love the cookies. I think the glasses turned out great. I sat here for the longest looking at them thinking those don't look like sunglasses! Duh! I can't wait to hear about the island!

Unknown said...

What a lovely post Lori, sounds like a really great time!!

I miss you!!! X

Blondie's Journal said...

I KNEW you were going to have a ball, Lori! And of course you did. I wish I had a cookie glass to raise to you!!


Recaptured Charm said...

Sounds like a great time Lori. The cookies all turned out great!
(RIP Jack)

Mikal said...

LOVE that quote!!

Have a great week!

Mikal said...

Pear Glace? No way! LOL

LOVED your interview!!

Cathi said...

Glad you had a fabulous time, Lori! that quote!! Warm hugs and sunshine, sweet friend! xxoo :) P.S. I LOVED the movie, The Help. Steff and I went together and laughed and cried! xxoo :)