Monday, August 15, 2011


Hello lovelies
Happy Monday!

This week-end was all that summer promised it would be
we had sunshine ~ lots of sunshine
and warm temperatures
it truly was a perfect one

after errands and chores were completed on Saturday
I whipped up a batch of the drink I posted about here

I used a bottle of Peach Chardonney
(from my secret stash)
and 2 cans of Fresca
added a cut up peach and some blueberries
and proceeded to sit on the deck and enjoy

it was refreshing ~ so good in fact
that I think I will make it again next week-end
but I will make it earlier and let it sit for a bit...

we watched a movie Saturday night
which is a rarity for us ~ so that was nice

Sunday afternoon we visited a friend who was home
from out of town ~ lots of laughs and catching up to do
it is always nice to reconnect

it will be a busy one this week
trying to get some stuff done around the house
and cleaning up things at work as I have
some time off coming up


Winner of the giveaway was entry #2

I know you have jetted off on holiday so email me
upon your return and I will get it ordered for you!

Congrats to you!

Now last but certainly not least I ask a favor
of each of you..

Please click here and just leave a comment
you do not have to write a paragraph ~ a "hi" will be
sufficient as for every comment they receive from
Aug 12th to the 18th
they will receive $1.00
spread the word for this sweet boy.

Wishing you all a wonderful week.



Thanks for telling us about the comment need . . . what an easy way to bless someone.

Hope your Monday is perfect in every way.


Jacqueline said...

Hi Lori,
Sounds like your weekend was full of lovely things....perfect in fact. That summer drink sounds delicious so, I think that I might be making up a jug or 9 for myself !!!!
Have already left a comment over at Blushing Rose. I hope that they get zilions of comments.
Happy Monday back and I hope that the sun continues to shine for you. XXXX

Mikal said...

Wow - what a special story in the link. Thank you for sharing!

Sounds like a divine weekend - much better than packing up my daughters apartment! :))

Sienna said...

love that picture of the summery picnic!