Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday Kind of Love

Through my teens and into my 20's I had the Cinderella syndrome ~
wanting to meet Mr. Right and for him to sweep me off my feet
and take me to his kingdom...

Once I hit my 30's I decided that Mr. Right was not really out there ~
were my expectations too high?
Then someone that I knew for a long, long time stepped into my life again ~
we were good together ~
like a comfortable pair of slippers that I have had for years.
He had already seen me at my best and at times at my worse.
We had partied together ~ he was one of my cousin's best friends.
He had seen me slim and not so slim....
So when we met again at a party ~
Easter Week-end of 1999 ~
my heart did not skip a beat ~
but we sat up all night talking and holding hands.
Little did I know that he was just what I was looking for ~
he was my Sunday Kind of Love......

What is a Sunday Kind of Love?

the person that you can spend Sunday in bed with whether it is being lovey or......

with coffee and the newspaper.....

maybe breakfast in bed

No matter what it is ~
I knew that I had found it
when we got together again the following Friday night.
We talked A LOT and kissed and held hands,
really I felt like a teenager
and that my friends was a good thing.

Tomorrow we celebrate Anniversary #8
and he is still the one that makes my heart happy.
I so L*O*V*E this picture ~ I just had to use it again!


Alicia said...

Happy Anniversary Lori!!! I love this post. Mr Right isn't what women think he's going to be has a way of laughing at us. Enjoy your day & years with a great man!!!!
And so swwet was your comment.
Thanks for making me fell loved. said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you two have many many more Sunday mornings! It is always amazing where you find Mr Right. Makes life much more enjoyable when you do though!

Again Happy 8th Sweet Lady!

Maggie said...

Oops! Forgot to tell you that I LOVE the new look!

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

SO cute... I love that... a Sunday kind of love... adorable. and comfortable. I get it :)

Anonymous said...

A week ago I had the first anniversary with my husband!
I wish I we could keep our feelings as you keep!

Sorry for my English

Lissa said...

Happy Anniversary! That is very romantic

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous post Lori, I LOVED it.

And how did I not know that you knew each other way before you actually got together??!! Lovely.....

Great images too :)