Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Countdown Begins

Happy Sunday everyone.

This week-end has been a busy one as it is the
last full week-end before we leave on vacation.

And before you ask ~ NO ~ I am not a senior
who prefers to travel in the fall....

It's a work thing
Upsets me when I think about it
So let's just not go there.....

So as you can well imagine,
I was running around doing countless errands
and such before we leave next Sunday...

Did you ask where this girl was going
for the very FIRST time??

New York City!!!

Oh My Goodness
And I am soooo excited ~
I am sure I will not sleep this week

So along with taking in all the touristy type things
I hope to be able to see some photo opts like this one:

isn't it cool? I am sure I will be gushing more about it this week...
Bear with me as I have not been away for over 5 years!

Now I am off to dust off my suitcase!


Unknown said...

Yippee!!! So excited for you.....and wish I was there!!! Can't wait to hear about it :) xo

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh have fun!! New York is on my "someday" list. Hope you have a ball and take lots of pictures and notes. Can't wait to hear all about it:)

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

YAAAY!! That is going to be so amazing. Make sure you read my posts on some of the amazing places TL and I went when we were there in April. That blog is under April. There is a place you should check out called Madison & Vine :) Very fun, so excited for you!

Chez Zizi said...

I know I am excited to see you too!!!!

mimi charmante said...

I am quite certain you know how envious I am of you!!! Have a marvelous time my friend and give those girls a big huge hug and two kisses from me!
Can't wait to see your photos!!!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh are so lucky...I love New York...the closest I'm getting to it is watching the U.S.Open. Have a brilliant time. XXXX

cathi said...

Have a wonderful time! I was there a few weeks ago and it was amazing!