Monday, August 17, 2009

Just Dessert

I love trying new recipes
and then sometimes I just stick with the old standbys...
You know especially when you are taking something somewhere,
you want it to look special ~ pretty
and for it to taste really good.
A couple of ones that I choose over and over again are trifles.
Not your standard English trifle as really I am not a huge fan....
(Sorry to you English ladies out there!)

For the summer I find you want something light, not heavy,
especially after pigging out on BBQ and all those creamy mayo based salads.

I got the recipe for Berry Trifle a few years ago
and it is a hit every time I make it!

I usually have a big bowl I make it in when we go to family gatherings
and such, but last time I made it was for a brunch,
so I did individual ones using martini glasses.

This is basically angel food cake, yogurt, berries and cool whip.

They were as yummy as they look!

That same week-end we wext next door for a BBQ and again,
I wanted to take something special.
Well this one knocked their socks off!
It is Skor Bar Trifle and it was delish...

You cube up brownies, drizzle with coffee liqueur if you wish,
then layer with chocolate pudding, cool whip, skor bar pieces and repeat.
I used the little 2 bite brownies and quartered them,
but if you are more domesticated than me,
you can make a pan and cube them up that way.

Let me tell you ~ the 4 of us cleaned this up and almost licked out the dish!

What is your standby dessert??


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

you don't have to apologise to this English girl...I've never been a fan of English trifle...but then I'm not really a dessert girl...I know that's not going to be a popular response and you're all probably think that there's something wrong with me but, give me savoury everytime BUT (and I'm not just saying this!!) your desserts look lovely as they aren't too heavy...I might even make one.Yummy. XXXX said...

Anything with calories (typed with candy bar in hand). Banana pudding has to be my favorite though. You can never go wrong with a big old honking pan of banana pudding!

Unknown said...

Yum, I love the look of that second one especially.....I love trifle too :)

My standby dessert is probably a banoffee pie....easy to make and it always goes down well.

PS I love all the photos you have added to your sidebar, they look great :)