Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hunted, Found & Sold!

Well ~ I am back....

The item I was looking for on our flea market quest yesterday
was found within the first hour ~
I would have been happy to have jumped in the car and headed back home
for blender drinks, but no ~
7 hours later.....

Let me set the scene:

Rally the troops into the car and drive for about an hour or so
to the town of Sussex, NB.
Stop at the local bakery for brown bread and cheese English muffins ~
so far so good......

This flea market that boasts to be the biggest outdoor sale in Canada
covers a HUGE area ~
I would not even venture to guess how big Princess Louise Park is.....

This booth had quite a few treasures ~ not so much trash

Now ~
Mother Nature MUST have a sense or humour,
because after all the rain she provided us in May, June & July ~
we have had a hot spell here.
I do not mind the heat but the humidity sucks the life right out of me.
So the temperature with the humidity here yesterday was in the high 90's.

Loved this old Harley!

So ~ can you even imagine how many man boobs & beer belly's
I saw yesterday?? Too many to count!

This guy had some beautiful furniture pieces

I was psyched though....
Somehow I knew I would find it....

Yeah for me! Actually Trev spotted it first and the price was right too.
Love it when I can haggle a bargain!

Kim ~ I saw this and thought of you...

I also picked up some glass pieces thinking they would make cute vases.
Well ~ one IS a vase, but I thought it was really cute:

The Crown mason jar is so nice and big ~ I love the glass top and how the
Made in Canada is big as life on the back of it.
I know exactly where it is going and what I am putting in it.

So after traveling around for 4 1/2 hours I radioed Trev....
I have found a chair....
under a tree....
which means shade....
I have my sneakers off....
wishing my flip flops were in my bag and not the car....
and he is not answering me!
He does not even have his radio on ~ good thing we brought them!
Gotta love him!

Old chairs all lines up in the sun

So once he answered his cell phone, luckily he had kept that ON
we met up, had a bite and I went back to the car.
I had enough and my lawn chair and book were
calling me ~ I am not a novice ~ I HAVE done this before!
Plus ~ I am reading Lisa Jackson....
Have you read her? If you like mysteries she is GOOD!

This is the sequel to Left to Die ~ a good read
and I was glad to have a good read since Trev decided to join me
back at the car almost 2 hours after I left him.

All in all it was a great day and I am happy with what I found.
I did see a couple of larger pieces I would have loved to have bought
but with the house on the market, I was trying to keep things small this time around.

So ~ this is my booty
All for under $20.00
Some of the bakery goods snuck into the shot too!


Unknown said...

Ooooh great finds Lori, wish I could have been there :)

I LOL at your moobs and bellies comment....hee hee!!

mimi charmante said...

How much do I love that bed??? I just put one of my old ones in Riley's room for him, and have another in the barn. I simply love them!