Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cosmo Love

I am a lover of most flowers
~ one however that tugs at my heartstrings is the Cosmo.

You see growing up and spending week-ends on my grandparents farm
~ there are certain things that you take for granted
~ things that you thought would always be there
~ like Grammy's wonderful flowerbeds.

When Grammy went into the nursing home
my Aunt took over the love and passion of planting the flowerbeds
as Grammy had for years

This is how it looked in it's "heyday"
and this is how Aunt Dot lovingly planted it
each year from seeds from last years flowers of course!

all these photos were taken by my cousin who is a brilliant photographer in her own right.

Although there are still plenty of perennials planted on the farm
I will miss the simple beauty of the Cosmo
as to me it represents when all was well
and people were carefree and loving
and there were no hard feelings
and no one was fighting over who got what
there was a true sense of family
and LOVE.....
Isn't that all that matters?

5 comments: said...

What a nice memory to have of your grandmother and your aunt. Those flowers are beautiful! My sister would go nuts for them being purpley like. I so love the flowerbeds that look "unplanned". I would love for mine to have that look.

Kasey said...

so beautiful.

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Those are so pretty, Lori! Wow! And there is nothing better than family... you are so right!

Unknown said...

Oh I too love if only the japanese beatles would stop eating them! It's nice that you have a flower that brings you fond memories, funny how flowers can do that!!

:) T

Unknown said...

What a beautiful post Lori....lovely photos IS all that matters you are so right....