Monday, August 10, 2009

Tag Your It!

I have been tagged by Maggie over at The White Farmhouse to do the following:

1. Open the 4th file where I store my photos
2. Pick out the 4th photo & publish it to my blog
3. Explain a bit about it
4. Pass this challenge to 4 other blogs.

As luck would have it ~ my 4th file was a group of shots I took a couple
of week-ends ago down at the farm.
These of course are raspberries and I ate these ones after I took their picture!
There is almost something evil in that ~ isn't there??

I choose to tag these lovely ladies:

& last but certainly not least

5 comments: said...

MMMMM.... I love the pic. I would of eaten them and THEN thought ah crap! I shoulda taken their pic!

Unknown said...

Oooh, I LOVE raspberries, great shot Lori.

Thanks for the tag, I will oblige ASAP :)

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hey there Lori,
I'm back in the land of commenting and see that you have tagged me...thanks. I will be responding very soon.Just to let you know, many a cocktail was drunk in Italy!!!

Lissa said...

great photo! fun challange!

Unknown said...

Well how amazing do those raspberries look?!!!!!

:) T