Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Feeling Berry Blue

It is that time of year again
Blueberry season!

Although they are really not my favorite fruit
It is in the top 10!

Down at the farm ~ most of the time the berries were raked
I could never get the hang of raking
As you have to "wind" them to get rid of the leaves
And KEEP the berries
I was never much good at the keeping the berries part
So I hand picked

Now when we were kids ~ my cousins and I
would spend the week-ends on our grandparents farm

What is a sure fire way to get rid of 4 kids on a Saturday afternoon?
Send them to the blueberry field with a promise
of something wonderful for dessert that night.

So off we would traipse ~ across the field
To a little bit of heaven on earth.

My grandmother was a smart woman
As I look at the cups she gave us back then to collect in
They can't be more than 1 and a quarter cup
But it kept us busy for at least an hour or so...

pick 1 ~ eat 2 ~ pick 1 ~ eat 2
You get the picture

Then that night if we were lucky
and we usually were lucky
we would have this for dessert

Blueberry Grunt
A family tradition and favorite

Blueberry pie or cake may also be on the menu....

Maybe pancakes for breakfast on Sunday morning....

And usually some muffins in the pantry

This Mr. Blueberry is just for fun.

Not far from here is Oxford, Nova Scotia

They boast to be the blueberry capital of Canada
And yes ~ there is a picture out there somewhere of me
with Mr. Blueberry from many years ago
If I find it ~ I will post it.

4 comments: said...

I love taking the kids and taking them to pick stuff at the orchard. I know I hear them groan when they see us pile out of the car. It sure is a good thing they do not weigh the kids before and after and charge me the difference! My kids would take fruit over candy any day.

Lissa said...

sounds great! I just made blueberry pancakes for the first time and they were amazing!

Unknown said...

GORGEOUS IMAGES Lori......I love this post.....never heard of blueberry grunt but it sure sounds good.....could I order some of that blueberry cake for when I come to stay please....don't say I didn't give you advance warning ;)


Unknown said...

YUM...we're going raspberry picking on Fri! BTW, really great pictures!!!!!

:) T