Sunday, August 9, 2009

Live Simply

This week-end has been an odd one of sorts ~
seems what I planned to do yesterday I did today
and vice versa.
Not sure why, but it has thrown me for a little bit of a loop
along with having a mild case of the toomanyshooters flu today
all is now good with the world.

This afternoon I picked up my Mom and
we headed out to a local craft fair.

Although it is still quite small ~
it has grown over the years and
I always enjoy going and poking around to see what is new.

There was A LOT of jewelry this year ~
not that I am not a fan,
I love it,
but when every 2nd booth is jewelry ~
OK I may be exaggerating just a tad...
well a girl yearns for some wood or candles or something!!

First thing I saw at the front gate was
NO Camera's
I so wanted to take some really cool shots
but alas ~ that was not to happen.

Mom bought way more than I did ~ which is good.
Every time I stopped to look at something I heard
Do you like that? Do you want that?
That is NOT the reason I asked you if you wanted to come!
She finally got the message and again ~ all was well.

She bought some "Mom" things
~ she gravitates towards pastel colors and I cringe....
But I did talk her into some nice placemats to match the chair pads
I bought her a couple of years ago for Christmas.

I bought fudge
~ a must to bring home for hubby at every craft show I enter the door of
and I also bought this:

Isn't it sweet?

This has been a dear friends mantra this year and
when I saw it I thought of her.
Since she inspires me nearly every day, I bought it with her in mind.

Thank you Kim for your inspiration.
Who or what inspires you?

4 comments: said...

Aw, how sweet! I don't blame your hubby about the fudge thing. Mine knows when he gets to go away he is to bring back fudge!

Oh BTW I tagged you!

mimi charmante said...

I do love it - and the sentiment that it provides. I love the idea of living as simply as possible, but maybe that is because everything around me is insane and not simple at all!
And, I love you - your friendship, your warmth, your mothering, and your kindness. After ten years of friendship, you are still one of the most caring people I know.
xo said...

I tagged you so you need to visit to see what ya got to do.

Have fun with it!

Unknown said...

I love that, it is so pretty....and I LOVE fudge too.....I found a brand that I just must send you!

My friends are a huge inspiration to me, possibly the biggest one at this point in my life, the older I get the more they matter to me - and the more I truly realise how capable they are. You, Kim, Marj and Zi are without doubt in that group - you are all marvellous people.