Monday, August 31, 2009

Molly ~ Pure Boston Love

I know that I have gone on and on
about my baby girl

oh ~ and if you did not know already
that baby girl
is my dog

she is a Boston Terrier
I love her to death
it is an unconditional love
a love I suppose most mothers feel for their children
and since I do not have children
my pets are my children...

This is my favorite baby picture of her
She was about 2 months old in this one.

We thought about getting another pet
I wanted a cat
He wanted a dog

I got the cat first
he's the grumpy looking one you have seen here before

So then one of the guys at the station
(hubby is a volunteer firefighter)
like I was saying ~ one of the guys at the station
had a female Boston
looking to breed her

Light bulb moment for Trev
as one of the girls where I work
has a male Boston
and had brought him over for a visit
a few short months ago
to warm me up to the breed
I thought they were ugly dogs
not cute at all
I wanted a Maggie
like the little Westie in the Ceaser dog food commercial!

So...I went to work and asked her
if she had ever thought of breeding Odie....
she wasn't sure
But agreed to meet with the female
and see how things went

So we played cupid
Got first pick
and the rest shall we say
is history

This is Odie ~ Molly's Dad:

Her Mom's Name is Daisy Mae:

Molly's sister Bailey is in this shot too

This is another Baby picture of her
what can I say ~ I am a proud Mom...

This is Molly's boyfriend Milo he lives next door

Oh ~ and I now think the breed is kinda cute
so don't call her a gremlin
or bug eyes
she is
My Baby Girl



Unknown said...

Love it! She clearly is quite the personality....obviously takes after her mom ;)

And she has a boyfriend?! You go Molly :)

Jeanne Oliver said...

I love that she has a boyfriend:-) Cute dog.

Unknown said...

Well of course you're a proud mama, she's adorable!!!

:) T

Lissa said...

what a cutie patootie! Love the baby pic with the pink blanket!

Chez Zizi said...

I love the first baby picture. She is cute.

Farmgirl Paints said...

She's absolutely adorable. I'm the proud mama of a shih tzu. There's nothing like that love. I completely understand:)

Unknown said...

molly is so cute!! i have a boston too- and am just so gaga over my lucy as well.