Monday, December 14, 2009

Ornament Love

I have always loved ornaments
as I pull each one out of the box
it sparks a memory
of days gone by

We decorated our tree last night...

but on Friday night
I went over to Mom's
with an ulterior motive

I helped put up her tree
and then we decorated it together
as it has been many years
since I have done this with her...

when we opened the box
I was in vintage heaven

I knew that Mom had some old ornaments
but I did not remember how many

these are the ones that I was thinking of...

they are teeny tiny

Mom loves teardrops
and she has old ones

and new ones too.


I left with 2 boxes of keepsakes
and they mean so much to me
because not only did they belong to my parents
but my grandparents too
some from each side of the family...

I remember these ones
from way back
she let me take one of each

the little orange one
belonged to my grandmother
it is tiny
and is covered with satin threads

I scattered them around the dining room
on plates

and in pitchers

plus I added more to my big hurricane vase
so it went from looking like this...

to this...
much better
don't you think?

Have a wonderful week!


Cathi said...

Just beautiful, Lori! I also have some vintage ornaments and they are very special to me too! I finally got my tree up this weekend too! :) Have a great evening, my friend! xxoo

stefanie said...

Oh, I love vintage ornaments, but yours are the best, they come with memories

Chez Zizi said...

Lori, they look so wonderful. I love the transformation of the hurricane vase. Those colors are also just beautiful. Good job, lucky girl.


Blondie's Journal said...


How lucky you are to now have the vintage ornaments you grew up with. I am always filled with love and wonder when I look at my parent's tree. All those memories...and they look lovely in your hurricane!

Beautiful post!


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Lori,
How lovely that you decorated the tree with your mum, and that she gave you some of her vintage ornaments. What I love too is the fact that it looks as if she still has the original boxes.
You and I are living parallel lives !! I have just filled my glass hurricane lamp with silver baubles !
I can see that you are thoroughly enjoying your build up to Christmas.
Have great week Lori. XXXX

Martha said...

Oh yes...I do love the vintage ornaments fuller in the hurricane...what a weekend to treasure for you all! So wonderful!

Unknown said...

Oh these are absolutely beautiful Lori....I too love ornaments with a history and how lovely to have things that belonged to your grandparents.

My collection really only began when we got married but I add something each year :) xo

Delena said...

I love vintage ornaments too. My ornaments bring me back memories also. I miss decorating since we are not in our own home at Christmas.

Deb said...

Beautiful collection of vintage ornaments ~ and even more special as they hold such sweet memories! Love the teardrops & tiny acorns ♥

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh Lori so neat to see your ornaments. I grew up with many of the exact same ones...memory lane:)

mimi charmante said...

Absolutely fabulous! I adore vintage ornaments and you have done a wonderful job showcasing them.