Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Saying Goodbye to August

I love taking vacation in late August
as there are still plenty of warm days and cooler nights

Friday morning we packed up ~ picked up Mom
and headed to the cottage

she has had some health issues over the summer
and could not get down for more than a day trip
so she was tickled pink to be able to come down and just get out of the house
for an entire weekend

Saturday we woke up to warm weather ~ blue skies
it was a beautiful day

I can't believe I got this shot
this is my little dragonfly that I call Dad

for the last few years whenever we are at the cottage
there is always one dragonfly nearby
when we are doing any kind of work or just sitting around doing nothing
it is around

I believe that it is my Daddy keeping an eye on things
and loving it when we come down to spend some time

this little guy was growing up through the gravel on the old road
isn't nature awesome!

Mom and I sat outside and played rummy for most of the afternoon
then I kicked back and read a bit ~ it was heaven

teal toes for September!

that night the tide came in ~ it was like glass
we enjoyed some fireworks compliments of our neighbours down the road
and then a little bonfire back at our place

Sunday brunch was prepared in my ebelskiver pan
impressed my Mama I did and they were yummy

this is little's perch ~ she thinks she is part cat
and pretty smart as she can see out to the yard and into the woods

we packed up and headed home Sunday afternoon
as I wanted a full day at home before returning to work today

it was a great end to vacation!

There is still a couple weeks of summer left so I am not ready
to put away those flip flops yet ~ but I am also looking forward to getting creative
spending some times indoors 
and putting the oven on again!

Are you ready to say goodbye to summer?


Unknown said...

I'm in complete denial here in Montreal - absolutely cannot accept that summer is over LOL
Looks like a great place to vacation!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Lori,
Ahhhh .... those lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer. Your photographs really show what a wonderfully, laid back time you had..... and, lovely that your Mum could come too. I'm sure it did her the world of good and I hope that she is feeling a lot better for the break away.
Today in the UK is going to be a glorious, sunny day but, there is now a chill in the air in the mornings and evening and that wonderful September smell in the air.
Enjoy the rest of the Summer Lori. XXXX

Leslie Harris said...

Yes I think I finally am ready to let go of summer. And I sure enjoyed seeing your last lovely days of the season here. The pictures say it all and what a tender thought about the dragonfly. I love your idea of your Dad watching over you like that. I'm glad you're still reading, we should do a post on our books this summer. I'm curious what you read.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful time you must have had! Your photos are wonderful, and I love the story about dad!