Monday, June 6, 2011

Week-end Pretties

This week-end was a mixed bag
it was overcast and cool on Saturday
then warmed up a bit and the sun came out on Sunday

still not feeling 100%
but wanting to come back to the land of the living
I ventured outside on Saturday
and took a wire brush to the window I brought back
from the cottage last year

she is now is the garage drying out a bit
and I hope to clean it up so I can hang it in the living room

I am in the midst of choosing photos
to display as I want the panes to act as frames
going between shots taken down at the cottage/farm
and florals

I will post it when I am finished.

So then I wandered around the yard

my lilac is in bloom

my cosmos ~ still just tiny
have some buds on them and one bloom

one good thing about all the rain
is that the flowers love it
and the weeds ~ no ~ still no weeding this week!

my favorite yard shot of the day!

Wanting a big bouquet of lilacs for the house
but not wanting to strip my little ole bush
I went for a little drive and found this enormous bush
off by itself and picked a bunch

these now adorn my dining room table

plus a couple of little sprigs
around the kitchen

Sunday ~ feeling a bit better
got some errands run ~ took Molly to the dog park
spent some quality time with my neice
and made a big batch of spaghetti sauce

I also signed up for Pinterest
are you there?  what do you think?

I have been having fun playing around with it
will let you know....

and Lord have mercy ~ I also now have a Twitter account
not that I think my life is that interesting
but here goes nothing
you can find my little "follow me" badge
on the right hand side

all in all

it was a good week-end

how was yours??


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Even though you are not 100%, you have been very busy.....busier than me who feels fine and did nothing this weekend !!!!
I am so looking forward to seeing your window in place with's going to look wonderful.
.....and, you are on Twitter. I can't manage my blog, let alone Twitter !!!! haha.
Have a lovely week Lori. XXXX said...

It sounds like a lovely weekend! I am glad that you are starting to feel a bit better. You were a busy girl for not feeling 100%! Love all the pics. I haven't done pinterest yet. I use Picasa. Sometimes it does drive me crazy though! So now you can tweet huh? I haven't gotten into that yet either. I am so behind the times!

kimberly said...

Oh, how I love lilac season! I adore them, and the smell is divine!
I haven't done pinterest as I know I would spend far too much time which I don't have getting lost in the gorgeous images...
Have a wonderful week my friend - xx

Mikal said...

My lilacs are all done blooming now... breaks my heart!

I too would be lost in dreamy image land if I signed up for Pinterest... I love the images that everyone posts though. Why can't I just win the lottery so I could relax and play? Oh - I don't play it, that's why!

Hope the week is beautiful for you, and you are 100% by Friday!!

Farmgirl Paints said...

ours just started...thanks for reminding me i need to get out there and cut some. nothing like that smell!

Karena said...

Lori the lilacs are gorgeous!! I love them!

I haven't starting using Pinterest because it seems like I am already on the computer 24 hrs a day!!

Be sure to come and enter my amazing $250 Giveaway from Tracy Porter!!

Art by Karena

Lissa said...

You are certainly up on all of the new technology! I'm staying away from twitter and pinterest for now as I spend enough time online as it is. yikes! :) LOVING your lilacs. Mine are already done except I have one small bouquet of white ones left. Happy week sweet lady!