Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cups, Saucers and an Anniversary

So last night I hauled out a little box from the basement
one that had about a dozen little china cups
with saucers to match

am I having a tea party??
no ~ but this week-end there will be one
as part of a week-end long anniversary celebration.

The Riverview Fire Department is celebrating their
50th anniversary

as some of you know ~ Trevor ~ aka hubby
joined the department as a volunteer firefighter 
back in 2003

through the department we have met so many people
good people and have made some great friends

on Sunday night we went to a meeting
as they were looking for people to help out
over the week-end.

lots to do as you well well imagine with a BBQ on
Friday night for past and present members

an open house at the station on Saturday
with a pancake breakfast
a ladies tea for the spouses

and then a banquet and dance Saturday night
for all to kick back ~ have a few
and dance the night away.

So along with manning the welcome table on Friday night
I offered to supply some cups and saucers for the tea

it was suggested not to take any that I would be crushed
if something happened to them

this one is my absolute favorite
so it went back in the box!

I love that it has an "S" on the bottom from when
my grandmother used to take hers to bridge games
and church functions

so I chose a few along with this little cream & sugar set

my little collection came from my grandmothers
on both sides
and to see them makes me smile
and I remember heaping spoonfuls of sugar
in my tea ~ with milk please

I shudder at the thought of sugar now
but I will take a bit of honey now and then

so my man will be all decked out in his dress uniform 
on Saturday night
and I hope to have some shots of the week-end
to share with you on Monday.

Hope your week is going well
and that you have seen more sunshine
than rain.

Happy Wednesday!

6 comments: said...

Happy Anniversary to your Fire Department! What a lovely way to celebrate they have planned! Trevor looks dashing in his uniform! Love all the tea cups. That is sweet that your grandmother marked her cup for bridge. Ah the good old days! I can see why it is your favorite!

Mikal said...

What a fun weekend you will have! I have to say THANK YOU to you both for volunteering for your fire department... small communities would not survive without volunteers, and I for one appreciate you all SO MUCH!

You're also a much kinder woman than me... I'm not sure I could share any of my grammie's tea cups! Love your collection.... and don't you wish those cups could tell the sweet stories they were part of? LOL

Farmgirl Paints said...

he looks smashing! i admire fire fighters so much. make sure to tell him thank you!

Lissa said...

that is so nice of you to offer up your tea cups! What a great place to volunteer! Enjoy your time with everyone.

Blondie's Journal said...

This sounds like so much fun, I know you are going to dance the night away!! Your hubby looks so handsome in his uniform.

The teacups are precious. I'm glad that they hold such sweet memories for you. I'll have my fingers crossed that none get chipped.


this free bird said...

Yay Lori!! My brother is a firefighter and the sense of family is so great. The teacup w/your grandma's S on bottom is awesome. Those keepsakes are the best. Girl you hide that one!!