Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Take Five

I cannot remember where I saw this
and I thought I would "borrow" it
as it is fun!

Always in Your Purse?


My very favorite indulgence has to be
getting a pedicure

Loves to Watch?

Too many shows to mention
but one of my favorites is
Brothers & Sisters
which was just canceled by the way
and I am NOT impressed! 

First Album Owned?

OK ~ really dating myself here
and I think I may have had a couple before this one
but this is the one that stands out in my mind
Meatloaf ~ Bat Out of Hell

Favorite Snack Food?

Again ~ I have a few that I can think of
right off hand ~ but a current favorite is
Chocolate covered pretzels

Won't you share?
What are your 5??

6 comments: said...

MEATLOAF! I love Meatloaf! Did you see Rocky Horror Picture Show too?! Going to see that movie was the one of the best times! My kids think that I have lost it cause now I am singing Meatloaf and Time Warping around the room! It's just a jump to the left.... This is fun. I am going to do this today! Thanks for sharing!

Mikal said...

LOL - You're gonna crack up on this one!!

Always in my purse? CHAPSTICK (Though mine is the blue moisture version). Can not survive without my Chapstick!!!

Indulgence - Massage but I do it only once a year. So my bi-weekly summer indulgence is a pedicure! Can not have bad feet in pretty sandals!

Favorite Show - I'm not a regular TV watcher, so I'll a few days in a row watching shows on Netflix - usually all the earlier seasons! I love Gray's Anatomy, Mad Men, Brothers and Sisters (Boo on cancellation) and Boston Legal.

First Album - Meatloaf and Kenny Rogers - bought them with $ from my first job! I still have a crazy variety of music purchases!

Snack Food - Nuts.. any kind, and unfortunately last night I ate WAY TOO MANY peanuts and this morning my rings are so tight from all the salt. Not a good choice!

Have a great day sweets, and thanks for making me smile!

Farmgirl Paints said...

hmmm favorite snack dutch buttered puff die for!

love grey's anatomy, mentalist, castle etc...

in my purse - my phone of course:)

indulgence - getting my hair done. it's like a spa day.

first album -debbie boon (you light up my life), then there was chicago and lionel richie

Recaptured Charm said...

We have some similar tastes! I was very disappointed with Brothers and Sisters was yanked as well!!

In my purse...never without lipstick (at least 8 of them for some reason ?)

Indulgence - I'd agree on the pedicure one

I love to watch Dancing with the stars, Americas got talent..that kind of stuff

First album...I believe Donny Osmond ??

And I'm a popcorn gal all the way!!


Cathi said...

Always in my purse - my vanille perfume and lipstick. Indulgence - getting my hair done and a mani pedi and massage all in one day at the same place! Shows - Brothers and Sisters was a definite fave, not happy about the cancellation. I am also hooked on Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck! First Album - the Monkees, of course (proudly dating myself). Fave snack - anything dark chocolate and chips, salsa and guacamole! xxoo :)

Chez Zizi said...

Very cool.
I love pedicures as well. I also like Brothers and Sisters and I am disappointed they cancelled it but I do like The Good Wife. I fancy the salty sweet combination so chocolate covered pretzels are a big yes in my book. I love finding old music I like and playing it loud in the car (this week it was Dixie Chicks) and you will always find Burt's Bees in my purse.
Have a great weekend.