Monday, June 13, 2011

A Perfect Little Side Table!

Hey there
how was your week-end??

We actually had 2 days with
wait for it....

NO rain!!

Yeah ~ I was surprised too considering they were predicting it
for Sunday ~ but nada ~ and for that my friends
I am thankful!

Friday night after work I went to the market
then I went and bought a patio set

everything matches!
it is a set!
I think I am a grown up now as we have graduated
from all the mismatched and hand me down lawn furniture
that has adorned our various decks throughout the past 12 years
we have been together

I did not buy one with a big honking table
because realistically ~ it is just the 2 of us
most of the time
and a ginormous table would take up the entire deck

plus Miss Molly's rope would get wrapped up in it

I think she looks purty and I bought the umbrella too as we
get the afternoon sun and in the summertime there are
days where you really cannot sit out there.

So after we got it all set up 
I said ~ we need something where the other 2 chairs
are sitting

I ran in and pulled out my project binder and found something I
had seen and saved last year

it was a little side table made from terra cotta pots
easy right!

 so Saturday I was off to the garden center and 
after securing it with a nut, 2 washers and a bolt

I think it's cute and looks perfect
between my 2 chairs.

So after weeding and weeding
and planting some more perrenials
we threw a chicken on the bbq

have you ever had beer can chicken??
it is to die for ~ a fav in our house for sure
the little holder costs about $5.00 at Wal-Mart
and I try to cook it this way about twice a month
when the weather is nice.

So after nursing a sore back Sat. night 
we kicked back and watched a movie
then Sunday was a day to do little things
and I actually took some time with my book 
on the deck.

I am reading Water for Elephants right now
and I am really enjoying it

I bought this one today
the cover intrigued me and I cannot wait to start it

I also made this on Sunday

image the recipe found here
thank you Carrie ~ you are evil
but I love you!!

So I will leave you with one last look at my
perfect little side table

using 2 ~ 12 inch pots
1 ~ 12" saucer
1 nut ~ 2 washers and 1 bolt

you can also paint them and do fancy smansy things in
the saucer ~ but I like it au naturel!

Happy Monday!



Blondie's Journal said...

You had a busy weekend, but all fun {except for the aching back}. I love the patio set, you are a grown up now! The side table is very cute and I bet you are going to get a lot of compliments!

Hooray for no rain...none here either! I have Water For Elephants and I want to read it before I see the movie. How are you liking it?

Jane said...

Welcome to adulthood! One day I will meet you there! Love your side table. How cute is that? I love those pots. I made a bird bath out of some that were laying around here last summer. I still have lots of weeding to do here! I am dreading it too.

Farmgirl Paints said...

that picture of the chicken totally cracked me up. too funny for a monday morning. cute little table!

Mikal said...

Busy weekend girl!

Now you have a dreamy spot to relax, lucky you! Are you done with weeding? Cause I have a lot to go if you're bored you know? :))

Happy day to you!


Such a lovely fun weekend. I love the side table. It would be cute to as a planter, which would raise it up on a different level. I would mix and match sizes.

Is the beer can chicken for real? Tell me more.

And now . . . it is Monday.


TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Lori, I love all of the new outdoor furniture. You did a great job picking it all out. The colors work perfect - and your deck is so welcoming! I have never had beer canned chicken, in fact, I have never heard of it ;)

Tara said...

Such a perfect weekend! You have me craving chicken and crumble:)

Delena said...

I love your side table. It would make a great bird bath too! I always make beer can chicken. It is so yummy and moist inside. You are going to have to put the recipe on here as I see there are a few people that have commented that this is the first they have heard of it!

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

You had me at the cute little table and then you really snagged me with your food photo. Your summery place looks wonderful!