Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Monday!

did the sun shine for you this week-end?
no ~ not here ~ not me

it was cold ~ damp ~ dreary
and drizzly here all day Saturday

it did not stop me though
I was on a mission ~ so after lunch
Miss Molly and I picked up Mom
and we headed to Dorchester to plant

and now Daddy has some pansies
and I feel better

we then took a drive down by the shore
and went into the cottage
you know ~ with the weather so crappy all sping
and we have been so busy
we have not been down to spend the week-end yet
and that my friends is a sin...

the flowers are gorgeous
all in bloom ~ I had to take some shots

I only stopped along the road once
much to my dismay
with an impatient mother and a dog in the car
I forfeited some of my favs
so they will have to wait until another time!

after last week-end we really needed some down time
and that was what we got

Sunday we took down all our window coverings
because today we are getting our new windows
Yipee!!  I am excited!!

these are not them ~ but you know I needed a shot for my story!

This week is a busy one
but it will be a short one as Friday is
Canada Day

Hope you all had a wonderful week-end
and that the week ahead is full of sunshine and smiles!



Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Lori,
What wonderful photographs of wildflowers. They are so pretty. The pansies are so beautiful....they always remind me of happy little faces fitting tribute to your lovely dad. I'm so sorry that your weather hasn't been so good. We had the hottest day for a few years yesterday and today is supposed to be the same. If you watch Wimbledon you will see how hot it is !!!! but, that might make you a bit envious!! I know that you will start getting some glorious weather soon. Trouble with weather in the UK is that tuesday will be about 10 degrees cooler !! We don't always get a long run of the really hot weather.
Thanks so much for your lovely comment today. If I don't comment for a while you know where I am and that I haven't forgotten you. XXXX

Mikal said...

Happy Monday sweets!

LOVE those little yellow buttercups of love! They remind me of the wildflowers that grow at my grandpa's place... he never cared how many of them I picked, and I was in heaven. Sweet memory this morning, thank you!

Bummer of the rain, we're getting hit with some tonight for a couple of days... will help the allergies that I seem to have "gotten" this year.

Have a wonderful week and YAY for the windows coming... I actually was drooling over that photo of all those windows and said, "I NEED THOSE FOR MY GREENHOUSE!"



Farmgirl Paints said...

those flowers are perfect. we had a sweet to go boating. it's been so cool and rainy that it was a blessing to have a window to take advantage of.

this free bird said...

The sun's out Lori!! Gotta race outside before it changes it's mind.

C said...

The pics are beautiful even if the weather is not cooperating for you. Ours was yucky too. At first I thought those were all the windows in your house! I thought, what the heck? does she live in a glass house? Happy Canada Day to you my friend! Enjoy the holiday!