Wednesday, June 22, 2011


We ushered in the first day of summer yesterday
and it was 14 degrees here
that's about 57 F people

it is chilly ~ so when is Mother Nature going to 
turn up the heat a bit so we can enjoy

the beach without a sweatshirt

flip flops without freezing our tootsies

ice tea on a hot day

and heaven forbid ~ an ice cream cone!
I missed my regular scheduled Monday morning post
to tell you the truth
the week-end kicked my butt ~ big time

we never stopped ~ but we had a blast
both of us were feeling a bit under the weather on Sunday
and I only felt like myself again on Tuesday

I am getting old

staying up late and drinking too much
= a tired tired Lori

I took my camera to the BBQ on Friday night
and since I was stationed at the welcome table
it did not make it out of the bag
I did not get one shot over the entire week-end!

I was hoping that some would be posted on line
that I could scoop up and share
but not yet ~ so my friends ~ I have to wait
and so do you!

I am happy to report that the local berries are in the stores
so I scooped some up tonight
and hope to make another crumble tonight

Hope you all had a great week-end
and that the sun is shining wherever you are!


Lissa said...

I've been waiting to get some rainier cherries at the stores! We have a cool, cloudy day here as well. I'm trying to take full advantage of very sunny say we get! It's been a couple of years since we've had a hot and sunny summer. :( here's to sun SOON! cheers!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Lori,
Well, your not the only one ...... it has been rainy and cold here too.....a sure sign that Wimbledon has started !!!! It is meant to be 30C on Sunday so, I look forward to that.
Sound's as if you had a very busy weekend. Here's hoping that the weather warms up and you can put your feet up this weekend Lori.
PS: I had a glass of pink Champagne for you, at the wedding. That was the only reason that I had another glass !! XXXX

Cathi said...

I will definitely share our summer with you as we have had a few hot days this week! we don't recover as quick from nights out either as Alex and our friends have concluded...haha. Love the photos they are simply gorgeous! Enjoy your day my friend...sending you loads of sunshine and love! xxoo :)


Here is hoping that summer weather comes your way soon. At least with local berries, you can pretend.