Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spot of Tea

Give me my coffee in the morning
but any other time of day
I am a certified tea lover at heart

I do love a pretty china cup

and a little milk and honey please

Oh Canada

this is my night time pick right now

there is nothing better
this time of year
than curling up with a good book
and a spot of tea

too cute

gorgeous shot
loving the sunshine streaming in

purple voilets
our Provincial flower
I actually have this one!

would you like to join me for teatime?

cute craft idea from Martha
for you tea loving friends

if you have a spot a tea today think of me please...



Delena said...

You know yesterday was the first time I had tea in 6 months. I usually just drink coffee in the morning but yesterday I decided a cup of tea would hit the spot and it did. I didn't have a fancy tea cup here in Yuma. Must bring some next year from home. Have a nice weekend!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Just finishing up a cup of tea right now! Love your images....

Unknown said...

Me too, I do love a cup of Earl Grey, it's what I always drink at home :)

Off to have one now and think of you :) xo

Farmgirl Paints said...

I've made me want tea. I got some fabulous tea in Seattle. I guess it's famous or something, Market Spice tea. I got the Cinnamon/orange good. Now I'm off to make some.

Cathi said...

Love all the tea cups they are so pretty! I saw that necklace and thought of my daughter as she is a major tea drinker...I like a cup in the evening myself. I want that silver teapot that is gorgeous! :) xxoo

PhotoPuddle said...

I don't even like tea but these photos are all gorgeous!